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  1. I would recommend the fp over the la any day of the week. The la series was far more vulnerable to the OS liner plating rot issue than the fp ever was. All of the fp engines my dad ever owned are still working fine but all of the la series are long since dead. The enya 25, asp 25 etc would be good though. Just be aware that with 2nd hand engines you might struggle to find two than run nicely together.
  2. mail order is easy for fuel with model shop leeds being a port of call for many. Depending on how long ago it was you flew things might have changed a bit with the recommended blend but generally 5% nitro with 15% synthetic oil will cover any modern 2 or 4 stroke engine.
  3. the 82 inch seagull models spacewalker is a good model. I have one which i am using to test the improvements i made to an ASP160 flat twin and its a lovely model. As with everything else they arent cheap, but the do fly well and would be fine to fly with any 100-150 4 stroke. I suppose another question would be what sort of power plants you have available as you could get a model suited to an 'in stock' power plant rather than having to buy all new.
  4. the ST i was playing with is ball raced and they are toast, but i also have a PAW 249 in a box somewhere and this has a ruined plain bearing. there is loads of end float, but little in the way of rocking movement and yet when it runs fuel leaks around the prop driver before accumulating into a big drip that gets splattered everywhere by the prop. Its the same with my ST and i was plastered by the end of the run. Also where its been sat the ferrous liner and piston acquired a coating of surface rust and now its rubbed that off by running all the compression is gone as soon as it warms up. I had been toying with the idea of taking the PAW to work and modifying the crankcase to accept some ball bearings but had forgotten all about it until just now.
  5. If fuel is spitting from the carb that suggests the seal of the crankshaft is poor and crankcase pressure is leaking out. Following this little foray into old 2 strokes i dug out asuper tigre 20 that was kicking around and work and fired it up. I have a similar problem and fuel pours out round the front bearing as well. While it was a fun little diversion, the engine is dead. When it comes to tuning the number of needle turns is totally meaningless. If its running well, its tuned correctly and how ever many turns the needle has on it is not important so do not be worried if you are only a half turn open. The 300v in my P39 is only about a half turn open if memory serves.
  6. Not sure if you found this on your travels but its a review of the engine from when it was new http://sceptreflight.com/Model Engine Tests/HB 15 RC.html One other thing. If the engine is castor gummed i recommend you remove the front housing and make sure the oil hole in the conrod big end is not blocked. If it is the conrod will seize no matter which lubricant you end up using. Given the construction of the engine its better to remove the front housing and poke the rod oil hole with a bent piece of wire than to remove the head and disturb the piston/liner
  7. awww its so dinky. Anyway i think you will probably be fine with the laser 5 fuel. I do not think anything JW said above is wrong and is well reasoned, but I ran my OS15fp on it and it loved it. A club mate also ran his Enya 25 (with similar construction/materials) from new on the laser 5 and it too lapped it up and screamed for more. If i dig around in my dad's old engine box i can probably turn up a few other old nails and try them out, but i do not expect it to be a problem. i have loads of older engines that stipulate 20% castor in their original documentation and yet all perform brilliantly on 15% synthetic. My 15fp, saito 45, OS240 and i think even my enya 53? If however they do protest due to the piston fit being sloppy a little castor might help plug the gaps. It is a bandage on a broken leg as the piston fit should be tight and often the reason they arent is because mistakes were made when running the engine in. Ferrous piston liner setups needed longer running in and if this was not done correctly the fit would go out of the window. The only caveat to all of this is that closer examination of the beast reveals the conrod has no bronze bushes in it. Now plenty of saito engines have no bushes either and run fine on laser 5, but they are 4 stroke, this is 2 stroke. Do i think this is a show stopper? no. Does it give me pause for thought? yes. Ultimately i do not think running it on laser 5 will cause any problem. However, if you are concerned then add the additional oil as described. Alternatively sell it to JW and if you need a little motor like this i will sell you my 15fp (or 20? i have a 20 as well somewhere) as it is currently not needed and will run on laser 5 for sure. I just have to find where it put them all.
  8. Its 2 hours drive for me and i certainly will not be going if the weather looks pants. A bit of a breeze is ok, but if any wet stuff is predicted count me out. My master plan would be to bring my sea fury and, if its behaving, my Hurricane as well. I need to test fly the Hurricane ahead of time to make sure i have fixed the cowling issues. If its no good then i will try and bring the La7, assuming its undercarriage are repaired i time. I requested the friday off work and have been told to take the whole week as the boss is away anyway so nothing much will get done. If that is the case i will go friday morning, fly, camp over with some beverages and bbq, then carry on the next day. I dont know how the flight slots are organised but perhaps we can arrange a laser slot? Multi cylinder madness for 10 minutes should sound great. Beyond that what is the procedure? Can i just rock up on the day or do i need to book ahead of time? is 35mhz ok as i have some on 35 that i could also bring to cover any models that go u/s on me. If i stack them nicely i can probably squeeze 2 big birds and my smaller Hurricane in. I will see how that all works out closer to the time.
  9. Is anyone going to this? It has caught my attention and i might see if i can make the trip up there. I might even camp Friday night and then shoot off late on Saturday. All weather dependant clearly but a friend and i are considering it and i was curious to know if anyone else was.
  10. MSL have got ahead of the game with the low oil fuel as a customer local to them wanted to try it following a chat with me on the phone and asked them to get some in for him. They got in not only enough for his order but a few extras to sell and it sold, so they ordered more...and that sold as well. I caught wind of it and now i point everyone that askes me about fuel to order from MSL. I dont know how much they shift, but if half of the people i sent their way buy fuel, and while they are at it add a glow plug or other items to their order, its got to be a winner for them. as for pyro's at shows, they can be very effective and good fun. The last WW show i was at was really good fun with everything exploding and it is usually very popular with the crowd. Once the airfield was put out we carried on and all was well. On the music, was it playing all the time? If so that is new to me at least. Sticking the battle of britain theme over a warbird slot is probably acceptable if maybe a little cheesy, but i dont think we need it all day long. Especially if its some naff old dance music. No thanks. I suspect this is something brought over from 3d competitions ?
  11. This exact situation presented the last year i flew there. The pyro chap was in the middle of the field all morning with us all having to try and not buzz him. The grass caught fire and there was no apparent plan to deal with it. I did ask about the danger the pyro guy was in and the response was that the airfield is live to full size in the morning so you cant setup before the show, and you cant setup the evening before and leave unattended explosives all over the field. This seems fair enough, but if you cannot set them up ahead of time, and cannot set them up safely during the show then you have to ask yourself if pyro's are a good idea at all. On the fuel side, if nobody was selling what you want make sure you ask for it, or at least let them know you will be shopping elsewhere if they do not have what you want. Readers of my fuel related posts are probably better informed than most of the shops so you might need to let them know the score. Its not their fault, its just that the information may not have got to them yet following the closure of MT
  12. If the servo fried itself i expect it would be dead obvious, likely with smoke, melted case and that wonderful smell of toasted electronics. It clearly tried to move a bit if the down locks came out of the gear, did something jam it up and cause the issue? I have a number of 6v rated hitec servos running 6v nimh packs and none of them have given any trouble so i am not convinced the voltage was the problem, especially when you say it had been on for a while doing all the function tests. That peak voltage after charging would fall of quickly once the model was on and drawing some current.
  13. I too use only the inbuilt windows security software and it has been no bother. If you visit www.dodgydavesvirusinfestedwebsite.com twice a day to conduct a 'special downloading operation' you are likely to have trouble, but if you keep to known sites and do not click random links or downloads then you are very unlikely to have any problem. After a while cookies and things can build up so every little while a malwarebytes sweep is a good idea. I download the free trial, use it, uninstall, and then repeat as and when i remember.
  14. I always vote for machine screws and nyloc nuts. I think M3.5 for an OS 46
  15. Not flying this year and debating going as a spectator. Im not sure there is much point, and i am also worried i will buy something expensive!
  16. i edited my post too much and so my ' I have also seen the various issues some have had with it and the rnd seems incomplete. ' comment is out of context. It relates to things like Ron's 3 lost models due to the rx not playing well with a cdi unit. They knew it was a problem as the same rx now carries a warning, but it didnt when originally sold and it should never have been a problem in the first place as they should have tested it properly. Also more effort should have been made to recall or replace the defective units, or at least alert owners of the problem. the BMFA could have issued a warning very easily to cover its members had they been told about the problem. Futaba at least held up their hands and admitted they got it wrong with the zero code tx issue. Yes they should have had better factory procedures to prevent such a problem, but they fixed it as quickly as possible and without long delays for customers. We just took back the old tx and gave them a new one. As a side note, is there a mechanism to issue important notes regarding equipment problems? In full size world the CAA or FAA or similar can issue an airworthiness directive or service bulletin to inform operators of a problem with a given aircraft, a given engine or engine family, a change in a maintenance schedule etc. They then have a set time to comply depending on the severity of the problem. If the BMFA do not have a procedure like this where manufacturers can inform them of an issue so it is broadcast to everyone then that would be very helpful and i am sure would prevent crashes.
  17. OS pressure nipples are M3 if memory serves. Drill the hole out to 3.2mm and stick an M4 tap through it before fitting an M4 nipple.
  18. Graham, you make an excellent point but these days everything is everyone else's fault. The whole concept of taking responsibility seems lost these days and in fact you are rewarded for not accepting responsibility. Where there's a blame there's a claim etc.
  19. Im afraid i find electric models soulless and boring. Its just not for me. Beyond that pattern models are just too perfect, 3d type models like the limbo dancer, u can do 3d, bossanova, hype etc just dont do it for me either. They are all very functional but they do not have a great deal of character in my experience and nothing to really endear me to them. By many measures my Flair Nieuport is a barely tamed wild beast that never does what its told and is generally a handful...which is why i love it. Its a bit of a challenge and very rewarding when i get it right. It also looks great and sounds lovely so what's not to like?
  20. There is one point i should clarify. My concern regarding reliability stems in no small part from the models i generally fly. They are either kit built scale or heavily modified YT models that are both very costly to replace and/or represent a year or more of effort to build if lost to a failure. There is also the fact that i do not want a 10kg 80+inch warbird falling on someone due to a mechanical problem. I think it would be a bad day for all should that happen so i choose to go a route that i believe will guarantee me the reliability i need and not take chances on unknown products. Graham your points about cheap ESC's and other accessories also feed my distrust. If its cheap, i have to ask why. What is missing? what didnt you do? This also stems from my other interests like pc gaming. Yes all the gear comes from china, but cheap computer power supplies?...no. £30 vs £80 for a unit with the 'same' specs is tempting, but if the ripple voltage is whack or the cooling no good you risk frying your entire machine. Especially as they often lie about the specs on the label. As for the price of futaba, they did shoot themselves in the foot a little with faast as it was more expensive. It was a more capable technology, but more costly to make. fhss redressed that somewhat and i do not think that £45 for an 8ch rx is a bad deal. I think 8ch 35mhz PCM rx's were about £70? and that was 15-20 years ago. I know rx's are more now, but everything is. I am more annoyed they dropped the 148 as its pushed the futaba cheap servo price up by 50%. Yes its better than the 148 in terms of spec, but a tutor 40 or a cub hardly needs a digital servo and more torque than the 148 so its not actually better, just more expensive. They also stopped making their HD switch and that really has me miffed as i am yet to find a suitable replacement.
  21. Small update New exhausts for the FT series with an offset to make it easier to get to the slow run needles. Also a straight through type. Both of these can fit any of the engines with our small head (70 80 100 etc). FT-310 crankcase production should start within 2 weeks and... (you might want to sit down) The final parts i need to finish a batch of petrol engines are also very close. I am working on trying to convince the boss the FT-360 would be nice and also a 360i. I will also keep dreaming of a radial but alas, it is only a dream...unless one of you guys with a lathe/mill fancy a project. Oh and prices are going to have to go up. Sorry. But material costs are insane ?
  22. When is a brand no longer new..that is a good question and to be fair i do not have an answer. As for the rest, i still fly futaba 35mhz on some models and the rest are futaba fhss. Swapping the rx's on converted models was a 2 minute swap with next to no thought given to the antenna placement. 90 degrees apart, 2 plastic straws as guides and it was job done. I have never had a problem and consider all the telemetry stuff as, mostly, useless fluff that distracts the pilot. Knowing rx voltage is handy though but i have made it 30 years without it. I have also seen the various issues some have had with it and the rnd seems incomplete. i remember the exchange program for 6ex's as i was working for slough rc at the time. A bit of a mess to be sure but as you say, each manufacturer gets it wrong from time to time and it is hardly a pattern. My dx6i came with a blade helicopter i bought. Using it has only reinforced my views. Its nowhere near as reliable as i would like. How old do you think i am?? i was only born in 1985. There are Laser engines that are older than i am! Anyway my Dad used futaba (6 channel challenger) and i inherited it once he upgraded to an FF6. I used it for a long while and then also upgraded to an FF6. The casing on that eventually fell apart as i kept dropping it, so i got an FF9 2nd hand at a blackbushe show, and then an 8j new. All of these radios still work and having only suffered one radio failure (mechanical failure of an RX) in that entire time i have great confidence in them. My Dx6i..ehh not so much. While i am sure my assessment is mostly subjective and lacks factual data, the data that would be needed to make an accurate reliability assessment is not available. Given that i will stick to a brand i have known all the way through my flying career as it has never let me down.
  23. I do not know the back history of these two but as i mentioned before i think throwing them out must really be held as a last resort. For some reason clubs default to this idea of throwing people out immediately when there is a problem of any kind. If these two hate each other but its not impacting anyone else just leave them to it. If it is really destabilising the whole club, which i have to think is unlikely as i would assume the other members just roll their eyes with boredom, then i assume there is a constitutional procedure within the club which needs to be followed. If it was anything like my old club you got written warnings, then a short suspension, then a longer one, and then if you still didnt get it you were out. You cant just throw them out immediately for what is at face value a first offence and will likely blow over in time anyway. There will always be disagreements but the threat of dismissing a member should be reserved for the most serious of situations.
  24. That's true Frank, but i was under the impression from the talk my club had was that anything model flying related is covered by our bmfa insurance. If you have a car crash on the way to the field that is covered as its a modelling related activity. But, insurance is a complicated minefield so i am not completely sure.
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