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  1. They did fly brilliantly. My first experience of brushless power with an AXI 2820/10..... whooshhhh!1
  2. If you're considering the Ruckus, may as well add Acrowot to the list... If you fancy a high winger, the H9 Valiant is great.
  3. A job would definitely be easier..... You now have a good excuse to buy new toys.
  4. What a contrast from some of the bore-fests we've seen lately. Still influenced too much by that SC for my liking............... but a great race to watch! Well done everyone who climbed the table; commiserations to those who dropped. Normal service to be resumed in Austria? A certain MV seems to do well there....
  5. Hi Paul, Edit is only available for about 20 mins after the original post.....
  6. Lovely little plane that Tiffie - I have a less than pristine one! Shame about the Zero - looks fixable. Incident packed day at our field....... I arrived at 8 a.m. and was surprised to be on my own (an early maiden had been promised). Assembled my Valiant ready for my self-imposed 9 a.m. start and flew my Hawk and Wots Wot for a while. Wife phoned at 8:50 to say 111 had advised her to go to A&E to get treatment for the cat scratch on her eyelid. Quickly packed up to drive her. Got back to the field to find a few had turned up - as had the wind. Arrived just in time to see the wreckage of a buddy's Acrowot - terminal damage for unknown reason. He readied his Acrowot XL to find range issues. I provided a replacement Rx to see if the Rx was the issues - better but not ideal. And then saw elevators acting like Galloping Ghost was back in fashion! Wreckage and disassembled AWXL put in car...... I departed to help squash some of our sons stuff, and his girlfriends, into our small house. No more flying for me until Thursday now as on puppy-duty still. Monday - wife at work; Tuesday - drs, then carpet fitters; Wednesday - wife visiting relatives. Hey ho.....
  7. To be viable in the UK I expect you'd be replacing a mahoosive battery with an acre of solar panels..... what would happen in the winter ?
  8. We have a club rule about persistent running of ic engines in the pits if people are flying.......
  9. Sounds like fun! Except for the numpty. Fingers crossed for good weather....
  10. Cheers guys. It's far and away the nicest site I've flown from, and the least busy! I think about 95% of members have actually hit one of the few trees - even some of the best fliers. I've managed it with a UMX F16... ? The CL circle was specifically for our single CL flier, who used to compete in speed events and was a champion in one class - can't remember which one. He only visits once or twice a year now but we all like the circle as it allows pretty much into wind landings for any wind direction. Except for larger/faster planes who need to learn how to land cross wind! In my previous post, I forgot to say we had a 10 minute 'air display' from a black RAF Hawk who was practicing tight/climbing/diving turns right above us. We all just sat and watched.....
  11. I have slow flaps down, and faster up (but not full speed). As the current puppy sitting duties limit flying time, I may try putting flaps on a slider - probably my Valiant... although the sliders on my Radiomaster are probably pretty poor quality!
  12. In this day and age of social media, such things would VERY quickly come to light ...... especially as there are millions of MS haters.
  13. My tongue was firmly in my cheek....... although someone buying an ARTF trainer may well not have access to all the necessary tools - I'm thinking balsa knife for control hinges, and soldering iron for removal of film around tailplane/fin. I'm getting carried away ?
  14. I have, as I was released from Puppy duty! At the field from 9:00 until 14:00 - gentle breeze, occasional sunshine. Flew my Ultrastick, Wots Wot, Arrows Hawk, new Valiant (replacing the one totally destroyed a couple of weeks ago). All went well. Lovely time. Eric flew his Jug, EFlite Viking 180, Arrows T33 - no issues. 'New' Kev flew his Pawnee, Habu and maidened his Ultrastick (is a formation a 'tree'? We now have 3 in the club). No issues. Tony's Tundra spiralled in to some undergrowth with a little damage - issues believed to be a failed elevator control linkage. It will fly again. He also flew his Hacker Zoom with the ridiculous roll rate. Only one picture from early doors. Plus a bonus picture of our older dog, showing how the field needs some decent heavy rain.
  15. I assume we're excluding the cost of the jig as that's 'desirable', not 'essential'? This is an interesting exercise.....
  16. More and more, I find myself flying lower/closer to aid visibility - I have some planes with dayglo orange but that only helps when the sun is out............ quite rare in Yorkshire I find. Luckily, I don't fly any planes that need lots of height.
  17. That's a good tip. I sat and wiggled the aileron stick on one of my models a while ago, and one aileron noticeably slowed down after about 20 cycles. It had a one way trip to the bin - the servo that is. Following the demise of my Valiant, I removed the voltage regulators from my new Valiant and Ultrastick. Repeated the above 'wiggle test' and felt/smelled the servos. All seemed fine so I flew them both - carefully at first then with more exuberance - no issues, no warm servos. When I refurb the Ultrastick, I may give it a 2S LiFe like the new Valiant, or stick with the 5 cell NiMH. Will also bin any 4.8v only servos just in case I forget!
  18. Stupid question time..... if you were to use a 2S LiFe with servos that were not necessarily rated HV, would they fry immediately?
  19. Was my 'goto' shop for donkeys years when I lived in Halifax. Well worth the drive. Always a pleasure to shop there. I once bought a heli (pre electric), and they set it up for me in the back yard - noisy! Now I'm retired to the East Coast so it's a lot further away. I still use them for some things via t'internet, and their service is still exemplary.
  20. +1 for Microsoft - protects both our devices and we've not had any issues in the 5 years since we ditched Norton. And, we do a fair bit of browsing. Think my son uses it on all his devices too as it doesn't interfere with his on-line gaming - he's had no issues either.
  21. Another one bites the dust - shame. All replaced by the info on www I guess.
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