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  1. The link formats are different New https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/uploads/monthly_2021_02/large.886948.jpg.319552fbd7b18c45d1ecb8908d5aa3f3.jpg Old https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/sites/3/images/member_albums/190014/888343.jpg On the old site images were held in members albums, with the switch over the albums were lost and all images were grouped together, I think. Steve
  2. Looks like we have lost all the old (pre-February 2021) image links. Steve
  3. I see that SLEC now have the full range of Balsa in stock. ? Steve
  4. Jeff I use a thin wire pushrod or a Z bend to give some flexibility sure either will distort which makes taxiing a challenge and in the worst case mean a walk for retrieval. FUD? Steve
  5. The Swizzle Stick will taxi, and I am sure Keith does as I do. However, wind will cause the model to weather cock completely defeating my attempts to taxi but that is not the end of my world as I can walk the short distance to place the model for take-off and hopefully the short distance for retrieval, then there are many helpful club mates that will retrieve for me if my landings are not close. The Falcon will probably be the same in that it will weather cock, but I guess that it's not a model for strong winds. Steve
  6. I am pleased that all went well on the maiden Keith and yes, an easy build and a joy to fly. I also found that the size and being electric make it ideal for keeping made up then throwing on the back seat when going to fly at short notice. Steve
  7. Tim, you say the gyro settings are lost when you hit the panic button do you mean the gyro has to be set up again? Steve
  8. Outer wing panels ready for glue. finish the inner wing is next. Steve
  9. Ron, I read this as the total of the files has to be less than 48.83Mb and is no indication of the individual file size of each image once imported. All indications are that they will be imported at 1200x800 (0.96Mb) and displayed at 1000x750 and so they will not compare with a 15Mb original. Steve
  10. Yes, I do the same. Some testing of image size was done when the new site started. The images added direct to posts are displayed at 1000x750 no matter how large the image file started at. Steve
  11. Once uploaded the file size is reduced to ~1Mb or something like 1200x800 presumably to match the screen size of a PC. I noticed this a long time ago and stopped using the gallery simply because of the low resolution of the stored images. Now I am wondering if something has changed recently as the quality does appear to have reduced or is it simply because we are focusing on a possible issue. ? Steve
  12. Graeme the view count is in the forum like here in Forum & Website Technical Queries. Steve
  13. I understood what you meant and as @Graeme Whitesaid the follow option is there to do what you are suggesting but getting members to use them (like and follow) seems to be the issue. Personally, I do find the like, follow, view counts and other's posts encourage me to keep posting to my build logs. It's all too easy for me to think I am talking to myself and go quiet. Steve
  14. Same here and from past experience I learned that the crimp tool required can be very specific to the pin. As George is selling this tool specifically for these pins it is fair to assume they work so having dithered for a while I have also ordered one from 4-Max. Thanks Frank. Steve
  15. We have a count of page views. My last build. Steve
  16. Crimping Pliers for Servo and JST/BEC Connectors from 4-Max
  17. The text editor reduces the resolution of photos, when they are imported, to something like 1000x800. Steve I copied a photo from above and it's only 167 kb, which is low resolution, less than half what it used to be.
  18. They look like P and N the description makes me think that they are 1/8 x 1/2 frame on 1/8 sheet to make 1/4 thick formers. Belair could have interpreted this as doubled up identical formers. Only a guess BTW. Steve
  19. Looking at other photos the ribs don't look totally flat between the spar and TE but obviously the 1/16 LE and TE sheeting is enough to obviate the need for a jig. Interesting. Steve
  20. The wings are built flat on the board as here. the ribs are semi-symmetrical, a flat between the spar and TE, which makes for an easy build. Steve
  21. Packed the TE up by 2 mm and removed the down trim which improved the tendency to climb under throttle. I checked the glide angle with no power followed by a landing which resulted in a little bounce. Power landings although good are not easy due to the large effect of one click on the throttle stick has. Now I have a choice either to keep flying as it is and probably get used to it or change the prop for a 10x4. ? then I could pack the TE a bit more, say by 1 mm. I do like experimenting (playing) it's part of the fun to me. Steve
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