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  1. Are you thinking of Mike Blandford? Steve
  2. Off topic sorry but I use coffee grounds the smell puts them off. I have a watering can by the backdoor ready for the morning top up from the cafeteria I add water and sprinkle it around the plants, something like once a week. Back on topic if using a WiFi app caused a problem then surely the manufacturers/retailers would not sell it. Steve
  3. I missed that target. ? After a lot of flying, yes that's my excuse. Started covering the sides working from the back towards the front. Steve
  4. @MattyB will you be coming to Winterton? Steve
  5. These are the contact details I forwarded to Ernie, when he had his subscription issues. When I phoned Mortons I was told that Steven O'Hara was looking after us. It worked for Ernie. Steve
  6. The only tricky bit is downloading the app (there's an app for that) ? the second tricky bit is learning to use the app, some people struggle, I have no such problems as I always remember the cable, it's kept in my Tx case.
  7. Agree as it saves having to remember the cable.
  8. It's from the other side which looks to be photographed straight on. I just cropped it, that's all. ? no magic involved. Steve
  9. Sarik Gyroo - Autogyro - Sarik Hobbies - for the Model Builder at a price. Steve
  10. From the full size image, my version.? Steve
  11. Yes a year ago ? Hard copy for June 2022 arrived over a week ago.? Steve
  12. Are these the files? chilli breeze rib outlines rev1.pdf chilli breeze wing rev1.pdf or are there others? Steve
  13. A good day thanks John. I didn't need to shout up as your team volunteered their services helping me unload and set up, much appreciated. Good to meet you Nick, I didn't realise you were so much younger than me.? Hope I didn't break the camera John. ? and home to cook dinner as well. ? Steve
  14. Saturday for me John. How early can I arrive? If I follow my normal routine I will be with you at 09:00 at the earliest. Steve
  15. Flew Phoenix 2000 but on the last flight I decided that I could not fly when I was shivering, maybe I am a bit premature putting shorts on. ??? Not to worry three good twenty minute flights and a bubble of rising air that took me from 100 m to 200 m made my day and I was home for lunch. Steve
  16. Good one Ron. ? I was on my own until 12:00 apart from an hour when Callum (Calli) had a few flights with his Gyrocopter I was told to retire to a safe distance, in the cabin?, just in case as he was out of practice. All good fun. I flew The Ohmen and Phoenix 2000. Steve
  17. Early by name but a month is the earliest I have ever been. Being a friendly forum no one on here really objects to my definition of summer being when the Swallows return. Steve
  18. Four flights today in the premature summer sunshine, a record for me over the last three years. Eight hours at the field with a group of good mates, for the last four hours anyway. We all agreed that we would make hay while the sun shines. More of the same tomorrow, following overnight rain, the best time for it to rain. The Swallows are looking for nesting sites, adding to the entertainment with their flying skills. I am going to enjoy summer while it is here. ? Steve
  19. Here in North Lincolnshire the temperatures have been above 20c and, as the Swifts and Swallows returned a couple of weeks ago it feels like summer to me. Flying yesterday, MPX Easystar and The Ohmen. Getting ready to go to the field again for a good day with my club mates. ? Steve
  20. Talking to Chris at SLEC, one day when he called me back after missing my call, he apologised and said he was out of the office in the wood mill. Also on their about page they say 'The company still produces a good range of accessories but also a large range of quality balsa wood sheet & strips, hardwoods all machined in our mill at Watton' My thinking is that they buy balsa logs and machine to size. Looking at the almost polished finish achieved then they must sand their balsa, probably to a final thickness. I suppose I could phone SLEC to confirm all this. Steve
  21. Yes a target to aim for. Which day are you aiming for. I am in Scunthorpe so not far for me (30 miles) either day will be easy for me. Where are you traveling from and which day for you? I could do both I guess. Steve
  22. Well that didn't take long, for my arm to ache, but not being happy with the results I tried again and again then again eventually boredom set in? Started covering, bottom first with red and cub yellow. The tape gives me a line to work to, the yellow overlaps the red. I leave a small gap between the covering and the tape. Some nice compound curves to practice on. Looks better trimmed. Ready for the sides next. Steve
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