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  1. Oooooh perfect wind direction...you lucky pilots !?
  2. Good time had by all !! How was the wind?
  3. Quick proof of concept and roughed up something this morning. I’m still not sure about the door hinges. I took out the separate screws and used a single rod. This made it easier to line everything up.
  4. I’ve done refurbs to several models over the years...i agree with Ron, it’s very satisfying seeing the end result.
  5. I’ve got a dewalt as a back up.....plenty, plenty torque
  6. Not much going on...waiting for the kit to arrive. It should be here around the 20th June, give or take a few days. When I’ve finished the painting on the Giant Mannock I will then start on doing the mock up of the port wing landing lights. I’ve also managed to find a second Haynes book on the Lancaster. This might be a good reference for insignia, lights, windows etc.
  7. Guild fuel proof spray paint cover well. The Matt going off quite quickly meaning a few coats can be done in an afternoon. The white on the fus was brushed on. When drying this forms a “ rubbery” skin. It took 3 coats to get a decent colour without the dark green showing through. If brushing I tended not to paint too much over the mask. In the end the masking section came off as the third coat was drying. This prevented paint pulling off the fus, it broke better along the mask line as it was removed.
  8. It’s been too long that my Mannock has had no fighting colours....so I remedied that. Paint masks by Flightline Graphics, Guild fuel proof spray paints. Just the wings to go
  9. I usually sit next to the pump ,sobbing quietly ?
  10. Many thanks for the feedback. We’ve studied the plans and reckon that Dubro 12oz tanks will fit. It might take some head scratching but there’s no rush. Brian ( the main man as builder) is a clever chap and we’ll work something out.
  11. Yes, there’s 4 x OS 40la motors from the old airframe. They were utterly reliable.
  12. I can confirm from Futaba USA and my own experience that you can plug the Rx power supply into either DG ports. I did change them from s-bus to normal mode before hand.....not that makes any difference, I don’t know
  13. Air leaks, dirty fuel,poor fuel handling, overheating and running too lean should cover 90% of issues
  14. DG1 port is now working, it’s on the same switch as the gear. When the gear goes down the landing lights are on. DG2 port is now navigational lights. It’s on the throttle kill switch, the lights are always on but turn off when the throttle kill is activated. This might change in the future.....I hope not. I’ve had an email from TN saying the kit should be arriving around the 20 June
  15. Spent a productive hour getting all the channels to work including the landing lights. The R7014sb is easy to program. I’ve changed the DG2 port from Sbus to ordinary switching channel. On the Tx I’ve managed to use the gear switch for DG1. This means that the landing light switch woks with the gear. If anyone wants me to go into it a bit deeper, I will. For now I need a sit down ! As of now the channel count is... 4 throttle 2 rudder 2 elevator 2 aileron 1 gear 1 port for power 1 DG port for lights 1 DG spare switching port.
  16. In some way correct the extra channels you can rename and move but I left it to it...page 65 I think
  17. First of the goodies have turned up.....the tick end of £350 !! The four mini servos will drive each throttle. The rest are for flying surfaces. I’ve managed to bind the Rx to my Futaba 18mz. Set up was easier...and getting more so with practice. With the Tx, it decides which channel is allocated. So far it’s been good, all four throttles work together.
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