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  1. Funny enough, just this Sunday I recommissioned an old club trainer that hadn't run for over 5 (and probably nearer 10) years, it has a Magnum GP25 in it, the guy who last owned the trainer and taken care not to allow the engine to become gummed up. Anyway some 5% nitro fully synthetic fuel and a quick dab on the starter and it was running away quite well.
  2. Yep, wireless training is the way to go, I have the Multiplex wireless module in my Profi and also the wireless plug which allows my old Cockpit 35 mhz Tx to use any M Link Tx as a slave. Nice thing about the MPX system is that the master Tx only takes the stick positions from the slave so any trim settings, mixes etc are all held in the master. I'll see if we can borrow/blag a DSMx Tx off a club mate to use as the slave Tx with our Dx6e.
  3. Surprisingly there are many electric jet skis available, but I would have thought that one of these would be more your style https://foilsurfing.co.uk/category/efoil/
  4. You need the bluetooth to set them up, then they use the mobile phone network to update their position which you access via an app on your phone. By signing up on the app your phone also becomes a receptor for communication to the network for other users tags. Friend has some apple airtags, same idea. He was showing it to somebody and then couldn't find it, thought he'd dropped it in his car, but as we got down the road it was obvious he hadn't and we went back and found it, they are accurate to around 10m or so (which is why we thought it was in the car initially)
  5. Yep, but looking out of our bedroom window on our housing estate in a rural small town I can see 4 lampposts. It won't come overnight, but as the market and demand changes it will come. Lampposts are one thing, but if you go down the local docks near me there are numerous power points for all the boats that are moored there (some just overnight)
  6. here's one option https://www.ubitricity.com/charge-points-uk/ but looking at fossil fueled cars, there was one village in Cumbria that bought their local petrol station to ensure they could buy fuel locally as it was about to shut and they were faced with a 20 mile journey to the nearest filling station, as non fossil fueled vehicles become more mainstream then the need for filling stations decreases too.
  7. I know this is an old thread, but just got round to trying to set up the DSMx Dx6e as master with my old DSM2 Dx6i as the slave, set the Dx6e to binding in the training menu and start the Dx6i in bind mode and nothing the Dx6e doesn't acquire it. I can only assume that the Dx6e will only acquire a DSMx transmitter, shame as this was for a club trainer and the Spektrum wireless training mode is very good.
  8. We popped over to Morris Mini Motors yesterday to discuss making some exhaust extensions for my friends Moki 215cc in his FW190, couldn't be more helpful, we only had a photo and some measurements, but they machined and bent up an adaptor for us to try while we waited (with a coffee too). They also knocked up a simple extension for the exhaust on my NGH 38cc too, for a couple of pounds. Big thanks to Bob and Morris.
  9. Steve, when the app froze on my DJI Mini, I still had full control over the mini, but I wasn't able to change photo/video modes etc, rebooting the app allowed control of the camera again but it was just very frustrating. I must say though no such issues with the Samsung s10+ everything works very smoothly, so no problem testing it on your phone but just be aware that if it doesn't have the processing power/memory then it maybe a bit disappointing, for the same reason I'd be wary of a low end new Android phone as often they don't have RAM of the higher end ones and tend to use a lower spec processor.
  10. Steve, in the UK you still have to put an operators ID on a DJI Mini 2 as it has a camera. Note my old Sony Xperia ran the DJIFly app, but when linked up to the Mini 2 it would randomly freeze when trying to change modes and it didn't have the power to control the Mini 2 in the preprogramed modes, i.e. circle an object, zoom away etc.
  11. The JR591 was only rated at 4.8v and it's pretty well known they didn't like more than a 4 cell Nimh/Nicd, I've got a few models that have the ubiquitous futaba 3003 servos in them (and some 148s) and all have been fine on either 5 cell Nimhs/2s LiFe.
  12. Yep, I've bought from Banggood recently, VAT is added to the sale and the goods just arrive with no extra charges. Batteries take a couple of weeks to get here, but no extra charges. Not sure what happens if you go above the duty limit, £135?, though.
  13. Just had a similar problem with a Hitec HS-5625MG servo, it was a lightly used 2nd hand servo, fitted on the tow release on a 1/4 scale glider, 2s LiFe battery around 6.6v, all was working well on test, including a pull test. Arrive at the aerotow, fit the tow hitch do a test to make sure it's working, it released and then promptly stopped working. Tested when I got home and it's completely dead, took it apart and no burnt electronic smell or obvious burnt components, but one of the chips maybe slightly swollen.
  14. Hyperflight sell it but out of stock at the moment, you might want to ask when it will be back in stock.
  15. Steve, if you are interested in the aerial video/photography then based on my Mini 2 they are great, but if it's the flying side then you'll get bored very quickly. BTW to run my Mini 2 I ended up buying a 2nd hand Samsung S10+ from CEX for £200, just been officially updated to Android 12, very pleased with it, I didn't realise how slow my old lowish end smartphone had become.
  16. The new DJI Mini 3 comes with a transmitter with built in display, so no issues on that respect, but it maybe stretching your budget...........................
  17. The other older 2nd hand models to look out for would be one from the EMP Algebra series, club mate picked up a 4m RES one and it flies very well.
  18. Reading up on ELRS, it looks like this is an opensource system where you can set the power and data rate, so you can have a shorter range system with a very fast data rate or longer range with a lower data rate. ELRS will work with both 2.4GHz and 900MHz systems, with 2.4 you can have a higher data rate than 900. On 2.4 at 100 mW power with a 250 Hz data rate a range of 10km has been quoted, so it looks like the system is aimed at long range use....................................... The specifications for 250 mW power output was quoted by several UK sellers. I came across it as I'm looking for a transmitter to drive older DSM2 receivers I have as my old Dx6i is getting a bit rickety and Spektrum no longer support DSM2 in the UK and the new Radiomaster Txs come with the option of the 4 in 1 module or ELRS system.
  19. Friend just recently acquired a 2nd hand Multiplex Kranich, 2.85m wingspan, I've flown it and it's great, while it won't thermal as well as a light weight F5J model it would hardly notice a 10 mph wind. I've just acquired a similar Simprop solo, 3.3m, but not yet finished/flown it, but for general sports flying it should be good. Both models were sub £200 2nd hand.
  20. I bought a DJI mini 2 a few months ago, my old smart phone didn't have the processing power to run the DJI fly app without locking up, I ended up buy a new 2nd hand smart phone that was on their approved phone list. Not sure which quad you are looking at, but apart from the wifi also make sure that the phone will run the app to support the drone. On the upside my new (2nd hand) phone is much quicker than my old smart phone has more memory and the screen is more legible in bright light too.
  21. Just looking at the Radiomaster Tx 16 and see you can now get it with the 4 in 1 module which transmits at 100 mW or ELRS which transmits up to 250 mW. I've not kept up to speed with the regulations around this, but is 250 mW within the regulations, or is it up to the user to dial down the power?
  22. Slightly different, here it was a modellers model that did the damage and the BMFA insurance covers us when we are aeromodelling, but the case being discussed is a members car doing the damage.
  23. I've got a set of the low end Fat Sharks used in conjunction with the low cost all in one camera/transmitters. Fitted it to several models, from small flying wings all the way to my 1/5th scale T-21. Good fun even if the video quality of this set up is way off the high end systems. I was given a go on a club mates quad with the DJI digital googles, wow, the quality was fantastic. If you put a wanted ad out I'll bet you could pick up a set of Fat Shark V2s for a very reasonable cost (from people upgrading) and fit a low cost camera/video Tx and give it a go.
  24. Correct name is Tachometer, just a small optical one will do the job. Although I don't use mine every time I do like know what an engine is doing, and they are useful on some engines where the engine will slow down when it's leaned to far before it cuts which can be difficult to pick up by ear. Also useful in gauging engine performance, we had a 61 fourstroke at the club last week that was running very poorly, the tacho confirmed it as we couldn't tune it to run at over 5,500 rpm. Engine has been stripped down and cleaned (there was a lot of carbon build up in the exhaust port), but we've got to retest it yet. Had mine for years, but it looks like on of these https://www.elitemodelsonline.co.uk/Aircraft/Starting-and-Field-Equipment/Tools/153643-/PROLUX-MICRO-TACHOMETER-2-9-BLADES (except mine only does up to 3 blades)
  25. The best practise is to lengthen the motor wires, but having said that the ESCs on my Twinstar brushless conversion are in the wing, as are the ESCs on my Catalina.
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