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  1. From Alex's Facebook page: While we feel deep sorrow at Alex Whittaker’s passing on Friday 15th July, we would like to thank everybody for their love and support during this time through their calls, texts, posts, cards and flowers. We want to celebrate all of our happy, joyous memories of him and would like any friends and family to attend to share this moment. A funeral service will be held at St James Church, Holywell, CH87PN on Wednesday 27th July at 3:00PM followed by a service at Denbighshire Memorial Park and Crematorium, St Asaph LL170LG. Alex lived life to the fullest and took every opportunity to celebrate. He would want us all to celebrate together on this occasion. We ask that anybody planning to attend kindly wear bright floral colours as will the family in memorial of Alex’s trademark bright coloured shirt selection! This is of course optional, you are welcome to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Please note no flowers. Thank you.
  2. It’s an own-design from my slope flying buddy Paul. Must be around 3m span but that’s all I know. His excellent blog is here if you want to make contact: http://goodwindsoaring.blogspot.com
  3. Difficult to know what to say, such awful news. Alex was one of a kind, irreplaceable.
  4. Perfect, C of G was my next question! My model has a removable tail section, is that normal?
  5. Fabulous, thanks Gary. No, it’s in good shape and doesn’t seem to have been flown much. There’s still the hardwood block for the screw so producing the tray shouldn’t be difficult.
  6. I've just acquired a second hand Dart but without servos or the servo tray that slips into the fus'. I can make one of course but wondered if anyone has a template or pic of theirs for guidance.
  7. You need to get a job and have a rest GG ? My first competition yesterday, Kent Interclub gliding. Very enjoyable despite my table-propping position at the end of the day ?. I need some new toys....
  8. Looks like an excellent site GG, and you must really have to try hard to put one in a tree ?
  9. My above post is a test as the tech guys have tweaked photo quality (compression). What do we think?
  10. That looks absolutely superb Johnathan, glad it went well. Meanwhile, a busy one on the slope today...
  11. Gave the refurbed Halcyon glider some flights from the bungee this week. It’s crazily light but managed the gentle breeze, caught a thermal and left me with a problem as to how to get it back. For once I managed not to tear the tissue covering. ?
  12. No, although I seem to be accumulating older gliders at a frightening rate. Just added a part-built Phase 6 to next winter's project pile.
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