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  1. Yes it is still there. What I noticed is that the rubber is not as elastic as it was when the thing was new. I am pretty sure it still works well, but I reduce the price to 10 and take no responsibility if something isn't working as it should. Regards Vecchio
  2. Engine in its original packaging, never run. Price: 40£ Milton Keynes area Looking forward to your PM's
  3. There is a 6mm set for sale if somebody is interested....
  4. This engine has never run and is in its original packaging. It comes with an electronic iginition unit and a new Graupner 20-10 airscrew. There are some aluminium standoffs plus M5 bolts as well as 5mm pronged T nuts in a seperate plastic bag. Full documentation. Price: 100£ I am in the Milton Keynes area. Looking forward to your PM's
  5. You want to fly really silent? You do not have a proper hill at your doorstep? Well I can help. For sale is a Graupner 6mm rubber bungee launching set for gliders. This is the correct size for gliders up to 2.5kg of weight. The set comes with 30m rubber and 100m nylon as well as a parachute, which will lay the rope exactly into the right direction and the bright colour will help you finding the end of the rope. Not to forget: your glider needs a hook for bungee launching. Most of them have one, but be sure yours has one before you buy this set. And you will need a strong tent peg to fix the end of the rope to the ground. You can believe me I have experience with this kind of launch since 40 years.... (see photo, I look a bit different now...) The price is 20£ I am in the Milton Keynes area. Looking forward to your offers/PM's
  6. Extra 300S from Seagull The model has been flown a few times, it was my replacement for a Graupner Extra 300 of the same size (for those interested see my old thread Extra 300 S ARTF with different design). The model never crashed, I had a few deadstick landings but was always lucky to be high enough to bring it on the strip. The model comes with 5 digital servos Spectrum DS821 and one Hitec HS82 MG (throttle). It has a on board glow system from S.M. services, as the engine is mounted upside down. This helps to keep it alive at low revs. The of-on switch is a power box digi switch, I used a 2 cell 1800 LIPO for the servos and receiver and a seperate single cell NICD for the on board glow. The engine is a P.H. 91-4 stroke, it is identical to the 91 magnum and is a chinese copy of the OS 91. The engine has lost compression and needs either replacement or a proper service. There is an Extra like double exhaust (the same as I used on the old Graupner Extra - see thread) pointing to the ground. The plane keeps pretty clean during flight. No oily wings or similar. There is a quick fill glow fuel valve on the side of the fuselage. There is no damage to the plane except 3 small (less than 3cm) repairs of cracks in the foil on the underside of the wings (which you cannot see on the photo...). Inside view The digi switch I ask for 250£, with the model you get 6 servos, 5 of them are digital, an on board glow switch, a quick fill fuel valve and a digi switch. I am located in the Milton Keynes area. Why do I sell this plane - well our airfield is closing due to housing activities, my alternative field does electric only. Looking forward to your response/pm's
  7. I suppose the reason is that for speeds below the speed of sound the drop shape (cut trough a wing profile - it will be some kind of drop shape) is the shape with the lowest drag. If you go supersonic this changes. Then the shape with the lowest drag is pointy and not round. (look at the noses of supersonic planes...) Well the chance of going supersonic with a model are hopefully zero. Bad enough to hit the ground at "normal" speeds....
  8. Posted by Erfolg on 27/07/2020 12:17:15: This is not a new model in the strictest definition of new. In that the model was completed in Novemberish, the weather then intervened in delaying the first flight, immediately followed by the Corona Virus and subsequent restrictions. The first flight took place approx two weeks back. It was most fortuitous that that the grass on the field had been cut, albeit with the cut grass left to be dispersed by the sun to dry it and the wind to finish its removal. My test pilot checked out the model for control surface movements. The model placed in the centre of the field, throttle opened, the model raced across the surface with all the urgency of a racing slug, on Valium. Finally it was eased into the air, swinging left, which was arrested by the pilot. Slowly the model gained height, where a number of checks were made. Firstly response to ailerons, rudder and elevator, secondly stall characteristics. The test pilot then called for a landing, as the power was only just adequate to stay in the air. We then had a discussion, where it was decided that the model was vastly underpowered, secondly that the CG was probably a little to far forward. I decided that the initial change would be to re-battery from 3s to 4s. I would then move the CG to the mid position (by removing the nose weight) If the power was still inadequate I would re-motor. A check of the motor on 3s was showing a little over 200w pulled, on a 4s this went up to 360w (approx 1/3rd improvement). The next good day had us back at the field, a bit blowy. On attempting to arm the model, I discovered I had left the conversion plug at home. At present I am going through my collection of models and converting them from Deans to XT60 plugs, which mainly involves the ESC, in this case the ESC was done, this old, seldom used Lipo was still on Deans. This week-end was yet another good day. Back at the field the model was once more prepared and checked. This time the model raced across the field like racing Pony, on its 360w. My pilot did say, you know with a horse up front or 760w it would be a real monster. Who remembers those lectures with respect to James Watt his horse and deciding that a horse power would be 33,000 ft lb per minute? The good news is now the model takes of with authority, no tendency to swing left being on the stall. The roll rate is adequate, inverted flight good, loops good, spins reluctantly entered in both directions, stall turns fine. So + 6 months down the line the model is OK. Just about ready for me. Edited By Erfolg on 27/07/2020 12:20:17 Carl, what is that? looks a little bit like the Webbit (which I destroyed a few years ago) If so than it has a wingspan of approx 110cm. Mine was totally overpowered, could fly vertical. BR Vecchio
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