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  1. I flew at Greenacres a couple of times in 2013 it’s a long way from home
  2. Alan, William and myself are Maidstone Kent Where is all the other contenders located
  3. it might be a good alternative to visit if the BMFA natts isn’t returned to it former glory
  4. I’ve not been to Popham It May be one to look at for next year It’s only a bit of wind Jon,
  5. Mine started to make a strange noise, Having listened to the negatives I confess to removing the engine and replacing it for a different one I did pop the cam out and had a quick peek inside and didn’t find anything out of place And having shelved the thing for a while it did end up in another plane but in the upright position as Required for the airframe once again started to make a weird noise long story short I did find the head bolts needed to be tightened down and this cured the issue
  6. The red Stampe owned by Rob is powered by a OS 90 two stroke. It fly’s nice and sedate
  7. We’re not gonna let a little bit of wind stop our fun
  8. We’re at Hastings this weekend It’s the BMFA scale comp tomorrow we’re all having fun even though it’s a bit gusty
  9. For those of you that can’t open the video it is of me starting my Zenoah G38 with belt reduction drive from Practical Scale that is fitted to my 1/3 scale Tigermoth
  10. Have you tried putting 50p in the slot
  11. Hmm it sure why that is perhaps another member could try as I can see
  12. The moth is slowly getting there I’m treating it to new dashboards from Mick Reeves Models And have got the Zenoah G38 on reduction fitted
  13. Hi Alan absolutely yes, I have slowly been getting the moth ready And found that I do like the Way the Moth rigs so easily, That has spurred me into thinking the Stampe could be done the same way I got some pictures of a full size Stampe just to see if I could make it look semi real but with the ease of the Moth method
  14. Proper looking Clevis’s purchased from Mick Reeves Models
  15. First attempt at nestling Has hi lighted the need to glue the brass down as the tab lengths came out all different
  16. Slowly getting the look I’ve been after
  17. Cheers lets see some picks of your new build to keep our juices flowing
  18. First attempt Got to rework the drawing Brain fade during the drawing and so the brace wire anchor looks wrong It’s given me a food for thought
  19. So have got a range of full size Stampe pics to hand and plan to machine some parts soon
  20. I’ve become the proud owner of a 1/3 scale Tiger moth It’s a older Practical Scale one and the way the struts and rigging is done is so much easier
  21. Getting some preparation work done for a modification I would like to make
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