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  1. I forgot to mention that my CAA subs run from July to July, which is why I was invisible in December. I am happy to continue paying direct to the CAA in this manner. D.D.
  2. I had the reverse experience, in that I tried to renew with my BMFA, but got replies of "cannot find you" etc, even tho my BMFA went thru ok. I waited for my CAA to run out and lo and behold I got an email from the CAA. I renewed with them with my original GBR number intact (second year). Prior to that I had a temporary number. A tad irritating but all turned out well. I agree with Geoff, the whole thing is a bit of a mess, but persevere and you will be ok. D.D.
  3. Seems like there was a lack of sympathy for running dry Ron, judging by the laughter at the end of the first vid. I would ban that individual. LOL or fit a bigger tank. ? D.D.
  4. I use a Hitech optic6, I got from Sussex models, on some indoor stuff. Falcon models, which use an rx ( brick) with linear servos on board. I also have a KielKraft Spit, converted to RC with one of these. As above, even tho I have a channel checker, it is rarely used. ? D.D.
  5. yep, taken for granted the hinges will be scrap mate, always use new. leave the stumps in if needs be, as per Andys post, just move the hinges along to fresh balsa. D.D.
  6. Can you pop the pins out D.F. ? Separate the surface, then dig out the hinges ? D.D.
  7. just read thru from the start, terrific stuff, looking forward to the next instalment. D.D.
  8. Hope you are OK mate, my second one sent me to bed with the chills, but OK now. The dog can wait, and the Sun is round the corner. D.D.
  9. Mine too , on rails, low passes are a scream.....literally. I have a 9cc petrol in it at the moment, unflown, but I may not bother, and just put the 52FS back in. Throttling issues with the petrol engine. D.D. Some old video.
  10. Thanks for all your good work, and outstanding good humour John. D.D.
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