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  1. Had him go right over me today - plus 3 Harvards / Texans. I think they are all over for an event at Sleap Airfield.
  2. This weeks notable flybys so far .. great place to live!
  3. Amazing day today as an A400 came over with a Globemaster in very close formation just inderneath it. 6000ft and hazy but did catch it .. and again on the return leg after it had done its stuff off the coast of Wales. Sounds like it was doing a photo shoot of the Globemaster.. amazing!
  4. Been a lot flying very low around my house recently - love it! Sorted a tripod out now to get more stable videos (it was freezing and very windy when I took these) and an even better lens on the way for the photos.
  5. I had a real treat on Wednesday night. I heard a fairly loud helicopter but nothing on 360 radar for it so I popped out with my camera. Nice blue Westland Augusta coming fairly low across the field just to the left of my house .. started getting some pictures and gave it a wave too. He apparently spotted me! He threw it hard across towards me and then the side doors came open with someone kneeling in the doorway then ... came nice and low right over me twice then did a S shape flight away from me, doors closed and off he went. I was totally made up! Super experience..and just for me ? Shot inside to upload the pictures to my laptop and check the reg number ... PH-PXZ .... Netherlands Police!! Great experience and really was "Flying over my house" ... you can see the roof and ridge tiles in a couple of the shots. I haven't had chance to work on the RAW picture files but pretty sure I will be able to get some really nice pictures .... there are obviously a lot more than just these ?
  6. Bulldog just came back at 2700ft - managed to capture him this time
  7. Bulldog just went over - I see that there look to be 3 Spits, a Hurricane and a P47 heading Exeter way at the moment
  8. DC3 has just taken back off heading South again - ZA947 - towards RAF Linton at the moment. Spitfires are further off now - one near Milton Keynes, one near Conningsby
  9. Yes - that one shows as cancelled. It is a BBMF one but I didn't spot it number - will put it up if it comes back on radar. Looks good down south ... 3 x spits, a hurricane, a B17 and a Zepplin all on radar at the same time ... don't see that every day!
  10. He's going the wrong way! The Battle of /Britain air show is in Kent ? Vanished off radar now somewhere up near Helmsley. B17 and a Spit are showing down by the Air Show though
  11. I have started to do a brief review video for YouTube of the Ninja 250 (or Eachine E129 / Firefox C129) and just need to do some flying videos to add to it. I was wondering whether to do the full Taranis setup as part of the video (or an extra video) using the multi-protocol module - would that be of interest / help to anyone? Mark
  12. Rich If it isn't perfectly level when turned on it can be all over the place. I always do the calibration before every flight as it only takes 2 seconds. I have never tried the aut take off - didn't feel right for a heli to do that when it has no GPS so I take off manually gently so you can immediatly see if it is going to head off somewhere. Just flying in the living room it was going forwards and right even after a calibration on the level floor. Took almost full "normal" trims on the Taranis but just at the end of the trims they seem to really kick in and work - almost like they have expo on the trims so they don't do much until almost full both ways. I assume you use the auto take off .. if so try it manually so that you have control right from the start and can pop it straight back down if it starts to go off one way or the other. I would be happy flying this in about 6ft square (cubed!) to be honest doing it all manually anyway. Find a quiet room where you won't damage anything and give it a try ... but no auto takeoff!
  13. I take it back - do the side sliers for trims too like in my setup! I haven't used them up to now but I just spent 15 minutes zooming around my living room and they are really effective to correct any drift - you could pretty much fly it using the sliders! They did let me quickly get to hover hands off and rock solid without drift and without using normal trims. Very handy and so fast to respond... you may need to reverse them though so test gently first ?
  14. OK - if it doesn't have a very big flash on it you may need tocustomise it. Mine is URUAV TMX5 which is 64k / 20k and wasn't big enough for the latest version so had to use Arduino to load the firmware with just the protocols selected that i wanted .. sounds daunting but was Ok and straight forward to do. These may help: https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/issues/393 https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/blob/master/docs/Compiling_STM32.md#option-3---compiling-and-updating-firmware
  15. Nothing very special .. and I am not sure all of this does anything as I just fly it "as is" ... main thing is to be sure it is totally level when ittakes off. Although trims are programmed on sliders it actually trims perfectly using the normal trims. The logical switch is for binding via ch16. This is it really but half of this isn't even needed! I calibrate with sticks each time then start using the two stick method and then just throttle up to take off... if it wanders a lot if probably wasn't level when calibtated.
  16. I realised my posts had gone following the change over to the new web site so for anyone it may help I will summarise a couple of things about the Ninja 250 that I have discovered since I got it as the subscription gift.... It does seem in essence to be the same as the Eachine E129 on Banggood and Firefox C129 on HobbyKing. It uses the same radio protocol as the E129 so if you have an up to date OpenTX with multiprotocol module you can fly this using E129 - 83 : https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/blob/master/Protocols_Details.md Channel 16 on a momentary switch will also act as the bind to make connection easy when powering it up. The batteries from HobbyKing should fit but aren't usually available and postage is high but Ihave just had 2 from AliExpress and although they took a while to arrive (mainly because they sat in the Hermes distribution centre for 2 weeks!) they are the right size: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002029542870.html?spm=a2g0o.placeorder.0.0.90aa321e9rR41E&mp=1 They are on offer at the moment so will cost £11 for 2 so a bit cheaper than HobbyKing unless you are spending enough to get free shipping. Mine flies great ... it dips as you go fast forward, presumably due to pressure change on the barometer but then returns to the original height as you slow down but loads of fun to just blast it round fast (at least fast for a little thing like this) Much nicer flying it on the Taranis I have to say ... if anyone needs an original TX let me know as I am happy to sell it. So ,... I now need to learn properly with my XK K110 before my ALZRC X360 arrives, although I am putting a H1 controller on that so anyone could fly it ?
  17. That must be it then - shame about losing all of my thread subscriptions though
  18. I take it all of my notifications from the "old" forum have gone? I now have no old threads sunscribed so do not get any of the notifications I used to get. I have also noticed entire parts of at least one thread missing ... I posted a few comments in the Twitser Ninja 250 forum and those posts have gone. Where is this now?:
  19. I thought that last year - have a sheet of mine printed out in the workshop ready for any new models and have labelled 30+ models - now I have to throw those away, print a new batch, peel last years off and start again! A bit annoying to say the least - thanks CAA
  20. Hi everyone. I have been working on a way to use my own FPV goggles with my Mavic Pro and what I have come up with will work for any drone that has a phone to display it FPV stream along with any goggles that have an AV IN or HDMI port. The aim was to avoid having any wires between the controller and goggles as previsou methods tend to use a tablet holder, tablet with HDMI out and then a cable to your goggles - my method does away with all that. It is not for high speed work or racing drones and inevitable there is a fraction of a second lag, but for normal photo / video work it works fine. Hope this is of interest All of the details of what is needed is in the text of the YouTube video so open there to find out everything you need Mark Edited By Mark Stringer on 09/07/2020 15:42:33
  21. ADSB is here: **LINK** - suitable for work unlike the other link 360 is here, you can't see it all until you get involved, but it is well worth it and you feel like you are making a difference: **LINK** Hope that helps Mark
  22. Posted by MaxG on 01/05/2020 09:29:26: Which is the best of all the various apps for this sort of stuff? I have Flightradar 24 but it does not show all the military traffic we get over North Lincolnshire including American stuff. Thanks Maxg I use 360Radar but you have to either subscribe or contribute. I contribute so get access for free - just a usb stick to buy and setup in your PC or attached to a PI and left running to gather the aircraft data and feed it into the system. I bought a decent stick but did my own aerial from some satellite cable so it doesn't cost much to do or maintain - it could be done for £5 but worth spending a bit more on it.
  23. OK - here is a week or twos worth of pics - many at quite a height so quality isn't great Easiest to see my album here for all of them so far - will update as i get more. **LINK**
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