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  1. It's no help to you Andy, but in a bizarre twist of fate, today I found a brand new glowplug washer on the floor. I lost it months ago and after I dropped it and then just couldn't find it. During a general "tidying up" today (when I wasn't looking for it) I found it. Shame I'm in France not round the corner from you. C'est la vie!

  2. 10 hours ago, Ron Gray said:

    Not sure if there's enough room but a bracket (triangular plate) from the engine mounting lugs directly onto the silencer?

    Danny, I know these are not quite the same as your situation, but here are a couple if photos of how I added stabilising brackets to exhausts. Both are Saito engines and both are linked to the engine or the engine mount 



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  3. On 13/07/2022 at 12:52, Keith Billinge said:

    I rescued a bit of plasterboard from a skip to build a wing on.

    These days I have a flat bit of plywood with some cork tiles stuck to it.




    When I dropped my grandaughter off at her gymnastic club (which meets in a local school gymnasium) there was a skip outside as building work was going on. In the skip were some very large sheets of sundela - obviously from old notice boards. I put some of it in the back of the car and removed the old paper staples when I got back. Job's a good 'un!

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  4. Probably little help to you at this moment but I have just measured the washer from a brand new unused OS F plug. O/D 8.3mm, I/D 6.4mm, thickness 0.7mm.

    6.4mm is pretty much 1/4". Washers are often made to be an easy sliding fit over a bolt. So a nominal 1/4" washer is likely to be more than 6.4mm I/D. 

  5. 21 minutes ago, Don Fry said:

    Now, assume, I now have the attention span of a smartphone zombie. Why are we interested in a guard tower?

    From watching on his YouTube channel it would appear that saving the tower would allow people to continue to fly rc models locally.  Though I may be well be wrong. Also seems to be some "history" to this issue too.

  6. Not quite the answer to the original question, but... I had a Flair scout triplane that flew OK on a first generation OS FS40 (not the Surpass) and a Flair Legionaire biplane with a Saito 45 using a 12.5 x 5 prop.

    I really don't see why the OS40 surpass wouldn't be OK in your Flair SE5A unless it ends up extremely heavy somehow.

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  7. For sale:

    Unstarted 5m roll Silver Satin Solartex. In original sealed wrapping with instructions. £49

    Unstarted 2m roll of Red Solartex. In original sealed wrapping with instructions. £19

    Started roll of Orange Solartex. 4.5m left from 10m roll. £40 With instruction leaflet.

    £100 for all 3 rolls

    Collect from Canterbury or could post

  8. Not sure if this helps, but I built a 62" span Doublet twin designed by Denis Tapsfield . That was quite adequately powered by 2 HB20 engines. So maybe 2 OS20 engines would be enough for your 60" model?

  9. 1 hour ago, Danny Fenton said:

    I have flaps on a slider, and you are right flaps up needs to be quick. You live and learn.

    I always have my flaps on a slider, but don't use servo slow. That way you can control the speed of deployment with your finger - as fast or slow as you want or need. Works for me, but probably won't suit everyone. 

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  10. 22 hours ago, Danny Fenton said:

    Well as you all know my Chippy bit the dust, and as I liked it so much I bought another.

    Unfortunately my chums at Webbies only had the Spinach and Custard variety.




     I decided to follow Ady's route and do a respray.


    It has been very interesting as I tried some things that should not have worked but did work very well.

    I used Klass Kote straight over the film, with no scotch-brighting, or prep at all.




    I still have a few things to do, but is airworthy as is, if I taped the canopy on.....


    The story so far can be found on my YouTube channel, Spinach and Custard






    I agree that the silver finish looks much better than the camouflaged version. Silver Chipmunks from RAF Manston used to fly over my house all the time when I was a lad. Never saw a camouflaged one though!

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  11. Maybe OS use 

    Japanese Industry Standard.


    Looking at a JIS tool next to a regular Phillips screwdriver, most people are hard-pressed to tell the differences, but they are definitely there. Ninety-percent of the time, a regular Phillips will work on a JIS screw; but it’s that other 10% that gets us swearing, then throwing things – those tight screws holding on your carburetor float bowls being particularly devilish once they’re past about two decades of non-removal. That’s when the right tool can make all the difference. The right tool is a JIS screwdriver, which just fits better in a JIS screwhead and is designed to let you apply more torque than a Phillips driver.


    I use heat and WD40 to help get "difficult" sews out. And I never use fuel containing castor oil!

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  12. Belt and braces myself. I drill and tap GF/plastic engine mounts and use cap head hex socket screws into the tapped holes with nyloc nuts underneath as well. Then the bolts never come loose! 

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