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  1. What was your final weight ? Do you have a spoileron set up ? The speed in flight looks good…similar to mine. Looking forward to more video and commentary on the airfoil you decided to use.
  2. Congrats ! Looks great in the air…..5-10 mph wind appeared to work well. What slope ?
  3. Yes, that’s it. On YouTube type in Sterling 1-34.
  4. Successfully flew my 4.75lb Sterling 1-34 at Torrey Pines(350ft bluff). Several flights with winds varying from 16-19 mph to 13-15 mph.Aircraft flew very well,spoilers very effective.Spoilerons worked well too..Videos posted on RC Groups and you tube.
  5. That’s ok, great work ..looking forward to your first video.. I’ve had mine ready for over 3 years, but work, covid, family when the winds are good for my maiden have not worked out.. Keep up the effort ! Cheers !
  6. Looks great ! Any place to test glide it ?
  7. Looking good ! Sent a message to your mailbox.
  8. Finally had a chance to test glide my 1-34. Dockweiller Beach, 15-20’ dune, wind 270/11- 12 knots, thrown directly into wind, 300-400 ft to ocean. Much better glide than anticipated or what I remembered from my monokoted 1-34 in 1976. 5 strong tosses. Moderate speed, low sink.Varied spoilers each time shortly after toss. Would have made the surf, EASY, with the spoilers retracted.Last toss moved both ailerons up slightly...moderate pitch down, easily compensated. Glue joints on wing tongues loosened on flights 4 and 5. Recommend wing joints to be taped for better joint seal protection..CA’d tongues later at home. Overall, very happy with flight performance. Now waiting for stronger lift at Torrey Pines..at least 12 knots.. Edited By brad lang on 10/03/2019 04:38:30 Edited By brad lang on 10/03/2019 04:43:06
  9. Yes, the photo is out of focus. I tried several times to get my iPhone to focus on everything but eventually gave up..😄 There are some other photos posted in the album section, but they're a little out of focus too.... Edited By brad lang on 29/08/2017 10:55:37
  10. Hello Guys, I brought it to the Hobie Hawk fly in at Torrey Pines( Katie Memorial) this past June but the winds were only 10mph.. My weight is 4.75lb...had to add quite a few lead ounces into the nose. That being said, I'm waiting for 15-20 mph for my maiden launch. If I did it over, I would carve out the hardwood nose cap and pre load it with lead, and watch the weight in the tail more closely. I really prefer paint to film for finish and durability.... If you go to (USA) Google search ,RC Groups, then go to Sailplane talk, then 1-34 for more photos from the build. I believe Pete has some good recommendations for control throws. Post your photos.. Good Luck Al ! Brad
  11.   Yes,it took me awhile....maiden soon.....about 4.3lbs.   Edited By brad lang on 22/05/2017 11:20:09
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