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  1. Hi Piers, I have some experiences with EPP, hotwire and cutting, I'm willing to share my findings, ask via the 'Personal Message' system, so we don't distract on this Spatman thread. Different foams or materials for model aeroplane building maybe the way for little while, whilst we wait for new balsa to come. Above picture - Epp square edge cutting guide. Above, used on a sheet of waste foam packaging, maximising the foam usage , because it's expensive now days. Slicing rig, thinning down sheets of EPP foam.
  2. I've liked and watched your video Robert, here's a better link to it, I'm currently building the Quickie Ghost featured in last months RCME which is quite similar to the Spatman.
  3. Yes I'd agree with Peter, if your going to stray from traditional balsa for a build I would choose Correx, it has no problem in the rain and a extended life, I still have serviceable tail planes, elevons and fins on models built 15 yrs ago. Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 16/10/2020 09:13:01
  4. KC, you asked if it's practical? It's cheaper and it can be done, however watch out for water or should I say rain. When I was flying something else I left Hill Billy out beside the car when I got back it was a bit soggy. Mined you, after it had dried out, I checked it over for any 'warps' etc and it was OK and flew again no problem. Below, Hill Billy over the sea.
  5. I've made a glider with cardboard, called 'Hill Billy', it was 40" wing span weight 30oz Picture Album here link - example below It flew surprisingly well.
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