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  1.   Andrew C, - Brokenenglish - is correct in my book. I control the washout in my designs the way he describes. To help with this let my show a rib set. A 'rib set' for a Avro Vulcan, the longer rib is at the root - the middle of the wing, the smaller rib is the tip. Notice the bottom line of the rib's to the trailing edge are flat, this helps building of the wing and following on with the trim of the model in the sky over a wide range of flying speeds. The washout effect comes from the main bulk of the wing in the middle flying down it's chord line and this makes the tips show washout, the incidence of the tip chord being different to the middle root chord/s. Controlled via my curves, measurements and built flat on the board. Below:- The Root and Tip ribs shown with each other. The main incidence setting coming from the larger rib having the curve come up from the bottom line at the front to the leading edge, and all ribs / wing built from a flat building board. This method I believe makes the model have great stability and control, even left to fly 'hands free' sometimes. See the foam wing in action, using the same wing sections shown above. A nice stable wing, with the model pilot able to place the model where he wants.   Filmed March 2015, North Wales UK.       Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 26/06/2020 23:53:26
  2. In lock-down and on 80% furlough I've been categorise by ('hwmbo' ....is that how it's spelt? ....as a DIY Lifer. After numerous jobs and various total room make-overs around the house, I've asked for day-release x 10, the reason for the request is to get my Sabre Jet finished. Judgement has been made in my favour, so Thursday, tomorrow is the day I get back to the modelling table/ bench. Hallelujah. Covid 19 has a lot to answer for.   I shouldn't compliant, over the period I've have had the odd bike ride out, sometimes accompanied with - hwmbo - . I've even wander ( on our bikes ) by the Buckminster site, however no flying. Has anybody any idea when it will be open?   Roll on tomorrow . Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 24/06/2020 22:57:14
  3. Tail end pictures link . Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 23/06/2020 22:46:37
  4. As of this date considering all the conversions of the Lidl glider, this one of Stephen Jones is the most sophisticated, yet. A successful flight.
  5.   Leo is sloping his shorten Lidl glider.       Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 21/06/2020 07:29:10
  6.   122 cm span - Lidl glider goes XL.         Second video - on the slope.   Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 18/06/2020 09:49:15
  7. Lidl glider converted to electric power with pulse-proportional magnetic actuator controls.
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