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    6s 5000mah 22.2 volt lipo
  2. Best place to buy them
  3. Hi all using the rule of thumb for cog one third of the of the wing chord which is 12” so at 4” 100grams of weight which I put in but then I searched for the cog on the web and it’s supposed to be 3.25”so then had to take it out again so the rule of thumb would have made my plane very tail heavy indeed.
  4. Hi peeps I have purchased a second hand hobby king fe 190e any anyone know what battery to get for it I have searched their site but no help tia.
  5. Great minds think alike thx Shaun
  6. Hi Shaun cant move battery or rx any further back and I need to add 100 grams.
  7. Hi I have just changed the engine in my acrowot mk2 to an sc 61 now it’s quite nose heavy any idea how I can add weight to the back of the plane without it looking to unsightly.tia.
  8. Hi everyone can anyone tell me what type of connector this is its off my grandson’s helix it’s a 7.4 x 1500 mah he needs some spare batteries for it but can’t seem to find any with that connector.tia.
  9. Hi Kc thanks for the info ordered the book
  10. Hi Paul thanks for the reply that is not the problem it’s the other end,the front end as it were it had a balsa ring fitted to the front end which fitted inside the cowl and was about 3/4 x 3/4
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