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  1. First time out for me this year having recovered from Covid, long cold and injury [ got kicked by a beef steer] Was good to meet up with the chaps on the field and get some flying in over the weekend. Members been erecting new safety fence.
  2. I run several old OS MAX engines, couple of 15's a 20 a 40 and an LA 40. All are happy on the fuel Jon suggests above. In fact all my other makes including 4 strokes run on it with one exception my Cox TD051 it likes the hot stuff.
  3. That's a fine pilot, looks ready for action.
  4. Another way of keeping a low use car, boat, tractor battery topped up is a solar trickle charger. Can be clipped direct to batt or fed in via power socket.
  5. There are as many stories [ old wife's tales] about car and other vehicle battery's as there are about nicads, nimh, and lipo's. Many on line of how to revive dead ones, just don't, they do not work and some are dangerous. Last year I was on my way to the flying field when the battery warning light came on in my cars dash. Shortly after the power steering shut down and then engine went into limp mode but still ran. Tests showed the battery was low volts. Turned out alternator had quit Now in an older vehicle once the alternator stops working the charge warning light came on and gave plenty of warning for you that it would sometime ahead run out of charge. In more recent cars the batt warning light controlled by the ecu only comes on when the volts get low giving little warning. I now have a volt meter that plugs into the car power socket and can keep an eye on state of charge in the battery [engine off] and if charging [engine on].
  6. As a farmer's son we used to have a neighbour somewhat like the chap in @Cuban8 above. You would meet him one day and he would be as nice as pie, and another the grumpiest of grumpy gits. He was a serious diabetic and back then controlling the effects were more basic and did not fit well with the every day work of a farmer. Things came to something of a head when he assaulted a feed rep who called at the wrong time!
  7. A bit like myself out on the farm in recent day's, Layers of clothing against the cold topped of with waterproofs. Need to open a bale of hay and penknife in trouser pocket. Grrr.
  8. Well 842g is pretty close to JL'S list above with 835g for the 150 of that generation. Do not expect the measure to be exact, manufacturing variance and your bit of rubber would make that up.
  9. Good one Paul, more for the older models, even the weights are in ounces. John.
  10. Very much doubt if any of the above is possible. Here is my take on the issue of a way to identify Laser engine size. This applies to The later models with the vertical glow plug hole. It goes on number of barrel cooling fins and weight of unit including muffler. 70 8 fins 580g 80 8 fins 690g 100 12 fins 810g 155 13 fins 955g 180 14 fins 1240g Previous models like my 150 has 12 fins and is 920g Another feature of post 2000 units is two screws holding the valve cover on but not sure when this change came about. I think the above engine is a 150 from the 90's if close to mines weight.
  11. Correction, its called "Gun gum" made by Holts
  12. Favorite word of all TV announcers and reporters today " Unprecedented" drives me nut's, some do not even say it correctly.
  13. Hi David, Had the same issue with my Enya 90. Locktite no good, layers of PTFE plumbers tape lasted longer. Fix that has worked a couple of years now. Removed the exhaust header pipe and with it in a vice and the locknut as far down the thread as it would go I heated the end until red hot and then tapped a mandrill [ just a punch ]of slightly Larger diameter than the internal of the pipe. This expanded the end and made for a firm fit in the head [ mine was very loose ] Refitted with Gum gum on thread [ exhaust paste from motor factors] As an extra I also remote mounted the muffler to reduce strain on the pipe. Cheers, John.
  14. Pic is of my Bleriot XI's wing during some cleanup/repair. Model was built many years ago [not by me] with nylon covering [ you can see it is quite white underneath] Recon the covering was stuck on with dope, full strength non shrinking. John's method above probably best. Fabric is still well in place and model still airworthy.
  15. J D 8


    If you want like new maybe not, but if just a fun hack some sellotape will keep it together. Pic does not show how complex a canopy it is. A pop bottle replacement may do.
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