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  1. Glad for you it went OK now, Ron. Well done. Cheers Chris
  2. ... today sounded like Xmas with Jingle Bells & Reindeers included... When I came home from La Grotte, I found a big yellow envelop on my laptop (thanks, Iris)... My 'lam film' finally arrived... next time, I'll pay a bit more as 'Standard Mail' for an 'International' parcel is about the same as the slow boat from our Shenzhen friends... Anyway, thanks to Ron for his great involvement and for giving us the opportunity to try out that 'new' kind of covering. Cheers & 'grand merci' Chris
  3. ... auw... that's really bad luck, Ron. If it were me, I would ty to correct it as every time you'll have the plane in your hands later on, you'll look at the 'curves' if they 're still there... Not that experienced myself, but I learned that thin carbon rods ( 1 or 2 mm diameter) are unbelievable strong for their weight. Cheers Chris
  4. ... and the 'blizzard' situation went on yesterday - and even heavier - today. What a climate we have... Started the... sanding back of the fuselage Sauce indoors... ppfff. Well, not that enjoyable... ? Cheers & 'courage' to myself Chris
  5. Thanks for your motivating comment, DD. Very strange weather here in BE. Two days ago, we had 18°C, today we had quite strong 'blizzard' snow all afternoon... Anyway no outdoors activities planned, but the Dog's fuselage received its second coat of Sauce. Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Blizzard Control
  6. Thank you both for the comments, gents. ? A lot of Sauce sanding, a few detail pics and just little words... How just some sunny days - and a lot of sandpaper, unfortunately... ? - can give a smile back to a nearly mojo-less apprentice... ? Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Sun Control
  7. Hello to all, Not in Imax nor in CinemaScope, but a tiny but steady bit of progress with the Dog. I sanded the filler at the fin fairings to shape and applied some sauce. While the Sauce was drying at the back, I started sanding both sides till I reached the tailplanes... Very convinced now that I started to hating 'sanding'... ? Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Sanding Again Control
  8. Thanks Steve & the 'liking' gents, @Steve Houghton> I've been posting on your build blog in an attempt to give you some info regarding the Sauce. I started with some lightweight filler for the Dog's 'tail thingies', then mixed some Sauce (in Navy grey...) to handle its first layer over the fuse. I did - Sauced? - both sides but had to stop at the fin fairings as the filler wasn't really dry enough to be sanded down. Good progress even if I say so myself... ? Hakuna matata & all Chris BRU - BE / CTR Sauce Control
  9. Hi Steve & thanks for the kind words. Regarding the glassing, please remember to use as less resin as possible. Ideally the weight of the resin should equal the glass cloth weight but that is close to impossible to achieve. Even if you're left with some pin holes in the unfilled wave, don't worry the Sauce will take care of them. Possibly two thin coats of Sauce if needed. As for the Sauce recipe - from my Ballerina build in 2016 - I posted a 'reminder' recently as the old blog wasn't easy to find. I you visit the Dog's blog, my post of March 18 shows a link to the original thread. Possibly helpful to refresh your memory... ? Cheers Chris
  10. Hello again all, I'm very close now with the end phase of the scale details for the fuse. In fact, I must admit I don't really know what I used to 'sculpt' here... ? I might call them 'aero stabilisators' just in front of the rudder, but I have no clue what they really were intended for on the full size Dog??? ... As they have a convex/concave combined shape to form, I went for a laminating solution (2x4mm hard balsa in this case) as I did earlier. But even then, I managed to destroy the fine leading/trailing edges very easily before gluing them to the fin fairings... A smidge of lightweight filler required here later... The LoTH allowed me the weekend off from La Grotte to fully watch the start of the F1 season in Bahrain. ? Soon fully back to the Dog now, I guess... Hakuna matata... etc... Chris (still in holiday mood, I'm afraid)
  11. ... no worries, John T... it's still 'early season'. I had the same prob with that 'Turn 4' situation for my podium predicts and in addition Bottas' last lap did 'cut' me an other prediction... ? Next time better... Cheers Chris
  12. Full congrats to John S... ... and indeed a fantastic 'welcome' score for Glenn P. ? I just hope to be a little better awake for Imola as there will be no summer time switch then... ? Cheers Chris
  13. Full congrats to John S... ... and indeed a fantastic 'welcome' score for Glenn P. ? I just hope to be a little better awake for Imola as there will be no summer time switch then... ? Cheers Chris
  14. I had similar head scratching when shaping my laminated 'roll' to a Dog tail pipe, Steve. Well done, young man. ? Cheers Chris
  15. Apologies for the probably very daft question, Dwain... ... but why didn't you 'stain' the top of the ailerons as well??? ... Cheers Chris
  16. You're right, John T... but either Igor fights for first, either for bottom... Fight for your rights, young man...
  17. ... is that 'bonus' prediction involving Vettel, John??? ...
  18. ... no judging needed I guess. Really unbelievably outstanding work, Phil... Cheers Chris
  19. ... I wouldn't trust to eat any "sick" animal, John... ... unless you meant > "Six quid a portion"... ? ?
  20. ... "Google is (supposed to be) our friend", Igor... or preferably "was"... My best vote still goes to Nostradamus, though... ?
  21. ... thanks, John P... all ready to go for the new season. I guess they are all showing their 'poker face' so far... there should be some nominations for the 'Nobel Prize for Sandbagging'. In a few hours now, we'll know a bit better for sure. Cheers & good luck to all Chris
  22. Well, nearly there, I guess... We'll know tomorrow early evening who's been the best 'sandbagger'. James K seems to have made a fine job with the McLaren design. Even if Norris stated that RB & Merc will be at their spot tomorrow completing the 2 first rows. On a side note, I visited an English, a Dutch and a French F1-sites. The common result of their polls regarding the best looking 2021 cars was Alpine in the lead (37% of voters) and Aston Martin second (30%). All the other teams just received 'peanuts'. Unfortunately for them, this is not really reflecting from the free practices today... Stay tuned... and Don't forget your predictions... Cheers & keep cool Chris
  23. ... splendid result, Chief. ... really well done, Phil. ? Cheers Chris
  24. Thanks for commenting, Phil... and thanks for the 'likes', lads. Scoop Scoop Scoop ... still struggling with the font size when copy/pasting from Word... ppfff... ... just a test here, sorry...
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