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  1. Hi again, A bit of progress again on the small bits for the fuse. I needed a few attempts to make the balsa ‘scoops’ for the NACA inlets as the thingies were ‘desintegrating’ while I tried to sand them to shape… The hardest balsa I could find in the scrap box finally did the job. I also decided to avoid some fiber glass as it would be too tricky on such small bits, but had the scoop and the inlet epoxied with thin 20min. finishing resin. Hakuna matata & stay careful all Chris BRU - BE / CTR Scoop #2 Control
  2. ... Belgian mussels & Belgian fries? ... no need to call the CAA, you can find them in any supermarket here in BE, John... @Don Fry > that 2015 Sancerre should be fine with mussels... easy on the whisky though... ? Cheers ? Chris
  3. ... absolutely tremendous, Phil. Are you really going to throw that piece of art from that big rock at the Orme??? ... Cheers & stay safe, young man Chris
  4. Thank you both for your kind comments, gents. @Flyer > don't forget your Fantasy GP predictions for next weekend, Ade... @Dwain Dibley. > why don't you join our group of Forumites at that Fantasy GP site? ... a lot of fun over there with even two Mods 'animating' the bunch... Cheers, lads Chris
  5. Hello out there, I decided to bring the side scoops out to the fuse before applying the Sauce. I thought they would adhere better to the bare resin simply using Superphatic. This will also give me the opportunity to partly mask them and integrate the edges with the Sauce. After some more measuring, I used my cardboard templates to define their shape and ‘blindly’ attacked sculpting the NACA inlets hoping they would be at the right place. Apparently, I was lucky enough and both were on the spot… A bit of finishing still needed of course but some nice progress here with the tiny bits… Hakuna matata & stay prudent all Chris BRU - BE / CTR Scoops Control
  6. Thank you both, Phil & Nigel. I remember seeing some landing light on the F86D indeed, but the NATO countries - like the Dutch squadron one I'm replicating - were using the 'K' version. I'll have to do some more research, I guess... Thanks & cheers, young men Chris
  7. ... sjeesh... just never thought about 'landing lights' for the Dog... I will look again, but I don't think I have a decent pic for them in the Dog's documentation. Anyhow, really well done, Phil. ? Cheers Chris
  8. ... subscribed as well, Robert. Cheers Chris
  9. Hello all, @John H. Rood > "Long time no see, John"... Thanks for your kind words. Do I read that you left sunny California and 'emigrated' to Boston? Let's hope I have enough mojo left to have the wing & fuse to the same level as the elevators... @Iris Vlieghe > Do you mean "Heavily" autistic would be more appropriate, Dear? ... ? ? @Dwain Dibley. > Yep, the 'Boy' is back, Dad... Cheers & keep cool Chris
  10. Hi again, Some small progress here, but those tiny details are apparently taking more time than building up half a wing from a short kit… ? The NACA inlets for the fuse are next. Like the scoops, at both sides of the fuse as well but at totally different places. The opposite should be too easy, I guess… I decide to measure and cut some cardboard templates respecting the scale look as much as I could. If you can remember - a long time ago - that’s the reason why I did foresee some balsa fuse doublers as the inlets are approx. 3mm deep as was the planking of the fuse before the sanding job. I guess now that Iris should point out my ‘mildly’ autistic behaviour again… ppfff… Hakuna matata & stay safe all Chris BRU - BE / CTR NACA Inlet Control
  11. Perfect... no probs, Ron. Is Paypal OK for you? I will send you a PM with my address. Many thanks & cheers Chris
  12. ... perfect! ... don't forget his moustache, DD Chris
  13. Hi all, I'm far from a covering expert, but by covering the central white film OVER the pink LE, you create a possibility of coming loose by creating a 'pocket' for the airflow. Even a very small gap at the beginning could rapidly become the whole LE once the airflow has found its way 'under' it. I think the white film should be applied first and then overlapped by the pink LE one, hence avoiding to create a 'ridge' for the airflow... Just my 2 eurocent... Cheers & stay safe Chris
  14. ... in that case, you are totally forgiven, young man... ? Cheers Chris
  15. ... are you sure, DD ??? ... he should be 'blond' with a corresponding moustache, at least... ... ? Gûnther, Heinz, Hermann or Dolf should be a lot more appropriate than 'Keith', I guess? But, of course, it's your pilot and your Me M-19... Cheers, enjoy but stay safe Chris
  16. Hi Ron, Do you please have a quote for sending the envelope - with 10m - to Belgium? Cheers & stay safe Chris
  17. Hi again, Thanks Phil, for the kind words. No Scale Police Officer will ever notice our nav lights obesitas... ? I was a bit amazed that suddenly I got a few PMs asking for Freddy B's Sauce recipe. ? I pointed out my former - old now -Bella Ballerina build as a good source for the recipe but as it was on page 43 on the old forum, I could'nt find it back myself without searching through all the pages. It's still there alright but it moved to page 35 - scrolling down a few posts - on the present forum... ? Hope this helps for future users... Cheers & stay cool over there Chris
  18. You're right, Don... I should be ashamed as a former Belgian beers afficionado, especially the White one from Hoegaarden (Google, please)... But then, I prefer the ciders from Normandy - being the French capital for apples - and of course their local Calvados... In general, Cognacs are 'over-rated' - except the Delamain range, maybe - but give me a genuine Armagnac from the Nogaro region... superb... By the way, my Zaranoff vodka is 100% full grain, no potatoes involved whatsoever... Have you tasted a refrigerated Schläderer Poire Williams from the Alsace? ... divine, but only in my humble opinion, that is... A votre santé & stay safe Chris
  19. ... thanks, John... and yep, I realise somehow... ... as we've been in a 'roller coaster lockdown' since a full year now here in BE... ... and indeed sometimes, it just feels 'too much' for our hobby mojo... Things will only get better, hopefully... Thanks again, young man Cheers & stay safe Chris
  20. It has been ages now since I updated the Dog’s blog. My health hasn’t been great lately mainly due to the ‘old man winter months’… Like some others in the walks of life, my mojo disappeared a bit, finding it ‘hard’ sometimes to have to drive to La Grotte to go on with some progress for the’beast’.. Although I lightly sanded the glassed fuselage just enough to give some grip to the Sauce. I also made some progress now with the scoop bits of the fuselage. There are two of them in a symmetrical position either side of the Dog. X To give the inlet - thin 0,3mm PET - more strength and to avoid too much air coming in, I went for a little ‘former’ under the scoop. X Next were the nav lights that I prepared at home without the presence of the wing tips for reference. Beginners mistake here as they are slightly to ‘large’… Well, the overall dimension is OK but I will need some Sauce fairings to integrate them better to the tip shape. Cut, glued and masked for the next step. X … ppfff… just more sanding coming on… hopefully I glued the red one at the port wing half… Hakuna matata & stay cool all Chris BRU - BE / CTR Progress Control
  21. ... about the same here, John S. ... but it mostly depends of the amount of vodka/tonic the night before... Cheers (!) Chris
  22. ... of course, I'm here too, Martian... ? Cheers & stay safe Chris
  23. That's a shame, Don. If you're still in France, isn't Canal+ offering a decent covering? We'll miss you anyhow. Get back soon... Cheers & stay cool Chris
  24. I tend to agree with John S regarding the Merc dominance. A bit of 'variation' would be more appreciated, I guess... Therefore, a stronger opposition from the Honda-boys would be great for the show. James Key apparently did a good job too with McLaren's new diffuser, although for me the biggest surprise was the tempo of Young Tsunoda for his first time on the soft tire compound. Even maybe with the possible help of an extra boost by the Suzuka engineers as Charles P stated... Cheers & keep safe Chris
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