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  1. Does anyone have an RCV 91 going spare? Alternatively a laser 70 or 80 could be an option for an engine upgrade for a Seagull Flybaby I have currently have flying on an RCV 51CD.
  2. Nope as don't think a copper washer at £10 each would sell. Mind you if I make say a 100 then there could be a price break to say £2 each. If only I had purchased a lathe with CNC!
  3. More washers made today just for practice purposes. Also bought a LED magnifier lamp for £18 which helps with the poor eyesight problems as found it difficult to read the digital readouts and measurement graticule markings on the lathe.
  4. Currently flying a Seagull Flybaby on an RCV 58CD which gets airborne in a very realistic scale manner. That is probably more accurately described as an underpowered airframe! Would therefore like to upgrade the powerplant to something larger whilst keeping an in cowl installation. Has anybody got any recommendations as to suitable engines. Did wonder if an RCV 91 would be better but these seem to go for silly amounts on ebay.
  5. Well if you list them on ebay you can declare them as a rare item.
  6. Well if my plans had worked out in latter life I too would be living in France David. Although I visited Paris on multiple occasions for work my French was never good enough to permit moving there on a permanet basis. Plus the stress of my last house move 14 years ago put me off moving again after retirement.
  7. Did have to destroy one perfectly good 10mm copper bar in the process though Don.
  8. Well making washers is not easy! Took me three attempts to get 1 good washer. As Don states the hole need to be plugged when parting off.
  9. I tried using a blue foam inner with a plaster of paris skin and found that the outer shell cracked when used as a plug in my vacume mold set up. A solid plaster plug did work OK for another larger canopy but it did have surface damage after its first use.
  10. I had the same issue with that store, luckily got a full refund from Paypal. Would be interested to know if the store is still open as he did have good stock levels last time I called in.
  11. All tools present and correct. Any advice as to cutting speed?
  12. Bought the lathe probably 18 months ago thinking it would be handy. So far have put it to little use other than making an extended dome prop nut so making some washers will at least see it being used. Possible that I have the wrong cutting tools for turning copper so will have to consult my friend who is more experienced as to what speeds and cutter to use.
  13. Well just purchased some 10mm copper rod with the intent to see if I can make some washers on my lathe.
  14. Well would not recommend the washers from Macc Models as the 6.5mm ID is a sloppy fit to a 1/4" plug.
  15. Made a start reading the full text in your link John. Really interesting so the brothers understood well the forces of equilibrium.
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