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  1. Ignoring the apparent ability to power a 6kg model with 700watts at its disposal, I would go for the Pro-Tronic and prop it to suit the 3s packs which (I think) you will be using. You'll be looking at around 50A to give you 500+watts, assuming that you're in the 5lbs+ weight range. If it were me, I'd use the 4400's, and/or parallel two 2200's, otherwise your flight times will be pretty short. Some will say that you need 120 - 150W per lb, but in my experience, for normal 'sport' flying, that's massive overkill. Most of mine fly perfectly happily on 100W per lb or a little less. Depends on your style of flying, I guess, but I tend to use the throttle and use the wing to fly on, rather than the prop (waits to be shot down!!) ? Kim
  2. That's actually not a bad idea!! ?
  3. John - you have mail Kim
  4. The cynic in me would assume that it's the diagnosis, rather than the occurrence, which has fallen during the pandemic. In my own case, in part prompted by this thread, I requested a PSA test at my GP surgery, but was refused as I had no family history. I eventually had the test done in a local pop up test centre, sponsored by a local charity, the result of which was normal. For other issues, I have tried and failed to access a GP appointment and have again had to 'go private' for a consultation. GP's in this area anyway (South coast) are like the scarlet pimpernel!! Also been waiting nearly three years (and counting) for an appointment with the Audiology Dept. at the Royal Sussex, but I reckon I've fallen through the cracks there, but of course can't speak to my GP to find out!!! Frankly, I've given up on it and I'm saving up to get the hearing aids privately, for which I've been quoted a nearly 5 figure sum. It riles me right up when health 'experts' come on the tv or radio and tell everyone to 'contact your GP if you have any worries' - yeah right!! Kim
  5. I certainly thought that's how it operates - otherwise where does it end? " You're to blame for me crashing because you made a sudden noise which distracted me". Can't be right. Kim
  6. The 'invisible' fence I can confirm is a right royal pain - we had it at one of the fields I fly from. Luckily the fence was 'ours' to maintain, etc. so a length of white plastic tubing split along it's length was slotted over the top wire at each end of the strip. This tells us: 1. The height of the fence and 2. Your position in relation to the centre line of the strip. It's a very useful aid, although it didn't stop me from tripping over the wire with my Wot4 a while ago!!! Maybe something you could consider (as a club). Kim
  7. Had a bad idea re the nose over - thought better of it!!!!
  8. I really meant by using the online forms on the .gov portal, rather than an unsolicited email. By using the online form, you're effectively doing the work for them, inputting direct to their system and it means they can access the form whilst 'working from home' or (a new one on me over the last few weeks) 'hybrid working' whatever that is!! Kim
  9. It seems to me that the key to getting govt. departments to do as they should, is to do it all online. As soon as there's a paper form involved, it'll sit on a desk in the (virtually unmanned) office until it eventually comes to the top of the pile. Passports seemingly the same story - online applications 2 weeks, paper applications who knows 3 - 6 months seems average, if you can believe the click bait headlines. Kim
  10. Yes, likely to pull to the left when taking off, like all tail draggers, but from everything I've heard, no tendency to tip stall (providing you don't provoke it). That Gringo just sounds nasty - maybe twist a bit of washout into the wings as you rebuild it. Received my Spitfire kit today - thanks Richard - and I have to say that I'm impressed, both with the quality of the kitting (probably the best I've seen) and also the overall presentation, from the box art to the glossy build instruction booklet. But as I've already said, back to work on the Chipmunk (very semi scale compared to the Spit) to get that finished quickly, so that I can make a start........... ? Kim
  11. I think we can get too carried away with absolute accuracy sometimes. It's your model, a representation of what you wanted to build. My current build Chipmunk will be similar, in that I'm doing it as the WP964, the 'Spitmunk', which in real life has green / brown camo on top and undersides. For orientation with my ageing eyes, I'll be doing the underside in light sky, so bite me!!! Your Spit looks great btw, to my eyes anyway - just seen the pictures you posted previously. Hard luck with the Gringo - what idiot put a tree in your way?? Kim p.s. Sorry for the o/t ramblings, I'll shut up until I get the kit started now.
  12. Sounds like the down thrust is built into the design in that case. Kim
  13. I'd forgotten about that one - thanks for the reminder. At the moment, I'm thinking that I'll base it on the modified MkIX of the RAF Special Service Flight, based at Northolt and flown by F/O Prince Emanuel Galitzine. Modified to save weight, and painted (according to the pilot) "a shade similar to Cambridge blue", BS273 was involved in the highest recorded combat in WW2 at heights up to 43000 ft above Southampton in September 1942. The only unknown is what colour is Cambridge blue, bearing in mind that todays hue is much 'bluer' than earlier versions. My own thoughts are that Galitzine would have been talking about the blue used in the 1930's, which is blue - green, somewhat like RAF 'Sky', but I'm still researching this. I have found an article online, but the colour chosen for the illustration, on my screen anyway, looks like a slightly cleaner version of PRU blue, which I don't think could ever be described as Cambridge blue! Of course, I may change my mind altogether, which isn't unknown!! Anyway, can't wait to get started, although I must get the Chippy finished 1st, otherwise SWMBO will have a go (again!!) Kim
  14. I've just joined this club....... kit ordered from Richard for building once I've finished my Phoenix Chipmunk. Now to read this thread through- although I've probably read it all piecemeal, as it was posted, it'll be my go to resource if I need a helping hand and an inspiration for detailing, etc. More as & when............. Kim
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