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  1. I know what you mean Percy. I visited an old 8th airforce airfield years ago as a teenager, that scene from the film 12 o'clock high always springs to mind when I remember being there, I'd not seen the film then but it was like the crews were still there!
  2. I'm in Wigton, so have kirkbride and Silloth airfields close by, the club club I'm in flies from kirkbride. The area was used as a training area for coastal command - it's a sobering thought when you realise why the solway bay in this area was known locally as 'Hudson bay'. Leccyflyer you've just named the next project on my list....
  3. Not seen that dvd leccyflyer, think I've seen snippets of the film on other dvds though. I would like to take a trip up north one day to make a visit to the old airfield - living in cumbria it's not too far away! It's amazing when you look into it just how much was flying in that area at the time. Mosquitos, beaufighters, mustangs, warwicks, hudsons hudsons. If the mosquito works for me I've got at least my next 2 projects lined up!!
  4. Think I've decided on going for a strike wing scheme on the finished mode. They tended to use rockets rather than bombs mbs, but I might use some artistic licence as I like the idea of having droppable ordanance.. I'll add snippets of info from the books on the previous post to try and keep interest in the blog up, (even if it's just mine!!) when there's not much building going on.
  5. Good books covering the anti shipping strikes by coastal command over Norway at the end of the war. Some of the stories areincredible, but very sobering - proportionally the strike wings suffered higher loss levels than bomber command did!
  6. Although it's a long, long way in the future I'm starting to plan a colour scheme scheme... I've narrowed it down to one of two optoptions, either Bannf wing anti shipping scheme, or one of the 140 wing schemes (operation jericho or operation carthage). Still, there'll be a lot of time to change my mind!!
  7. Well this week I've mostly been getting the second side of the mechanism to the same stage as the first. It's just about done now, and my new grinding disks have finally arrived (I didn't read the small print that said they were actually shipped from China...) so I'll be able to get started on the other side soon. First things first though - getting the first side working!! The plan is to have the actuating arm in the middle of the rear axle that joins the 2 sides of the retract. If it doesn't go as planned, I'll follow the plan and have it attached to one of the downlocks.
  8. There's no guarantees it'll work chris - but I'm enjoying messing around with it. Whoever decided to call it 'mild steel' was obviously a comedian!!! The oleos are a little bit wider than I'd hoped for to be 100% scale, the plan is to make up some litho plate fairings to match the outline of the real thing. I keep going back and filing parts down to get them accurate - it's a bit like picking a scab!
  9. Second downlock has been shaped. I've cut and dry fitted the brass collar to the oleo and connected everything up just to check it's all going together okay. Eventually the collar will be glued in place.
  10. Right, after a slight break whilst the little one's off school I've been back at it. I now have the first pair of downlocks sorted - just need to finish shaping one of them - but they fold properly... More cutting disks for the dremel required!!
  11. Well I've spent the last hour cutting the other 2 down locks out and starting to shape them... Now I've done the first two the others seem a little easier :-D. The idea at the moment is to fly it on glow engines as per the plan, but can anyone suggest an electric setup as an alternative??
  12. right, I'm concentrating at the moment on making the retracts. Unitracts will make a set up for me if needed - but would like to see if I can make anything worthwhile first. I've not got any 'proper' machining tools so it'll me made with a dremel(ish) some hand files and a hacksaw. So far progress has been sloooow, but enjoyable. First photos show the downlocks made up, and the idea of substituting some sprung oleos for the piano wire shown in the plan.
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