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  1. fkly fly fox for sale aileron, flaps, rudder, elevator, in nice condition, i dont use it as much as i should so selling just add your bat and rx and fly ,open to offers ,you may be suprised, £180,,,,,,,,collection denbigh
  2. i have been using the DJT module for years in my taranis covers all my v series rx i have
  3. hi anyone selling a dreamflight ahi kit or built ,must be able to post to north wales thank you
  4. hi i have the google 2 head set ,been working fine, now it has gone that i cant see the screen picture ,it goes fuzzy and wavy any help be great thank you
  5. thanks for the help on this ,but wow its far to complicated for me,thanks for the input fantastic ,going to find someone who knows a lot more on this than me lol cheers again
  6. hi just had a taranis not plus given to me, it has 1.1.02 firmware from 2013,was looking to try to up grade the firmware,have tried to open the bootloader ,switch on trims centre alas no bootloader,just wondering were to go from here ,need help please cheers
  7. Oh sorry .yes spare parts for the board
  8. Oh sorry .yes spare parts for the board
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