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  1. Extract from a recent email from LMA clarifying the current situation. Flights over 400ft of model aircraft over 7.5kg Due to a change in policy by the CAA, flights over 400ft of model aircraft over 7.5kg at defined flying sites will no longer be approved by the CAA. That means that the LMA and / or the BMFA must now issue a permit for flying model aircraft over 7.5kg over 400ft. BMFA can permit over 400ft flying with up to 25kg model aircraft and the LMA can permit over 400ft flying with up to 25kg model aircraft and over 25kg model aircraft.
  2. Easy to forget all the suppliers, Component shop looks good value for small quantities.
  3. Traditional lead/tin solder is available from outlets like CPC Farnell, Rapid Online and no doubt EBay. Lead free solder takes some getting used to and wrecks soldering iron bits quite quickly. A 250g reel of good multicore tin/lead solder (like this Multicore Solder will last a very long time.
  4. Not so Brian, the use of lead, and other substances in manufactured items is restricted by RoHS. These regs do not however cover domestic/DIY use of lead solder. The use of lead based solder and components in plumbing was banned some time before the RoHS directives. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. RoHS, also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, originated in the European Union and restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products (known as EEE).
  5. I agree. I don't like guessing without seeing/hearing the engine running, but that would be my prime suspect. The magneto points, coils and condenser all hidden from view are rarely checked.
  6. You could try talking to these people: Meetens engines
  7. From George's 4-Max homepage: Some of the browsers have been updated recently and now a warning is popping up saying this website is not secure. Do not worry about this. The only page on our website that needs to be secure is the page where you enter your card details. All other pages do not have to be secure. Before entering your card details, please check the website URL should start with https://www.ww10.astisafe.com/....... The important part to look for is the "s" in https, as this indicates the website is secure. We recommend the Firefox Browser I don't get any warnings and have not had any problems using the website or ordering.
  8. Might I refer you to Dannys previous post....
  9. The lead is for sensing battery voltage. Connect it to the feed to the ESC assuming you're using electric power. The Rx also measures the voltage supplied to it either by the ESC or Rx pack if using IC or an opto ESC. It's not necessary for normal Rx operation, only to provide telemetry.
  10. Those that I have used have a slight crimp or flattened area on the end of the pin that goes through the plastic hinge. It does require a little force to push them through when installing. This does quite effectively stop the pin coming out.
  11. Assuming a VAT rate of 21% for the suppliers country (VAT rates vary across EU) then they should sell to you at €318.18 = £283.20. Delivery cost depends on supplier and chosen courier, guess at £20. The courier will then charge you 20% UK VAT - £56.64 for the goods plus their fee and handling charge, DPD currently quote £3.50 (they don't make it easy to find such info). Total cost £283.20 + £20 + £3.50 = £306.70 plus 20% VAT £61.34 = £368.04 That's how it should work, whether it does......... You'll only find out if you know which courier is to be used and ask them directly.
  12. The thread you're looking for is here: Import Tax/VAT from Europe
  13. Knowing the make and models that the OP is asking about would help in giving a definitive answer.
  14. This may be of interest: Laser Engine Developments Petrol engines with a difference and you won't have to spend a fortune on a silencer!
  15. The naivety of the Civil service and their grasp of reality are ably demonstrated once again. I find it difficult to believe that they really expect non UK vendors to register for VAT with HMRC, then collect up to £27per transaction and pay it to HMRC. Quite Absurd.
  16. We have to pay UK VAT on imported goods, as we (should) have done previously on all goods imported form outside the EU. But don't worry, like it or not, your friendly courier will take care of all that for you for a modest fee!
  17. On most motors you only need to remove the circlip on the shaft in front of the stator housing, then the shaft and rotor should slide out of the stator. Watch your fingers, the rotor will want to snap back over the stator pinching the end of your finger. Ask me how I know... Ian
  18. Oops, I see now they're not taking orders. Obviously I've become accustomed to ignoring the big red Covid Restrictions banner on most sites!!
  19. Slough RC appear to have them in stock. SloughRc Ar8010T The 8020T is in stock at most suppliers usually at £74.99 HTH
  20. The 8010T has integrated telemetry, the 2nd module is a remote receiver to improve range or avoid signal blocking by large batteries/motors. The remote Rx should plug into the 3 pin side socket using the supplied cable. There is also a new version, the AR8020T Rx which also has telemetry. It also has improved sensitivity and features 2 aerials. Moving further up the scale there is also the AR8360T which has AS3X and SAFE (self levelling) features which can be programmed from your Tx (assuming it is a DX8G2). Edited By BackinBlack on 27/12/2020 13:16:02
  21. Yes, the chamfers are standard. They're designed to aid correct orientation of plugs, not quite as bad as Futaba, I would say, which also have a sort of flange on one edge of their plugs.
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