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  1. We used to have CAP658 and the ANOs 138, 166 and 167 contained in CAP393. The essence of these regulations was Don't do anything that endangers an Aircraft or the people therein Don't do anything with your Aircraft that endangers people, animals or property Added to that a few specific rules relating to controlled areas. Simple, sensible and traditionally British in character. We now have a complex set of rules to achieve the same - Safe Flying. Miscreants never did take notice of the old rules and will still ignore the new ones. In terms of what we do as model flyers little has changed, but we now have to make ourselves known to the authorities and pay £9 a year to continue doing what we did. Just saying............
  2. Well said Jon, with respect to the panic buying and hoarding. A difficult choice for SLEC and Balsa Cabin when faced with queries from customers as to why balsa was so obviously in short supply. Say nothing or tell the truth? Unfortunately it won't be just modellers waiting anxiously for new supplies, will they also heed the pleas not to overbuy and hoard? Ian
  3. As Andy observes there may be some confusion between browser and search engine, sorry if that's not the case. The Windows 10 default browser is Microsoft Edge (blue and turquoise icon) and it's default search engine is Bing. The Chrome browser (red, yellow and green segments around blue centre icon) has to be downloaded, it's default search engine is Google. If, as I think you already have, installed this then my instructions as above should get you to the settings page where you can set it as default browser and choose Google as the search engine. If, on the other hand, you are using Microsoft Edge, then to set defaults, click on the three dots to the right of the toolbar, select settings, then Privacy, Search and Services; this should bring you to a screen where you set preferences etc, scroll all the way to the bottom of this screen and you find "Address Bar and Search" click this and the next screen gives you the search engine options, click to open options in the box select Google and you're done. Close the tab and search away. Hope that helps Ian
  4. Perhaps quicker, Open Chrome browser Click on 3 dots in toolbar (top right) to open drop down menu Click on settings in drop down menu In settings menu open Search Engine In that screen you can set Chrome as your default browser and Google as default search engine
  5. Our mains electricity supplies can be heavily contaminated with non 50hZ signals depending on your local network. Devices with high or low power factor connected to your local supply distort the waveform; Switch mode power supplies in computers, televisions, phone chargers and many other devices, thermostats in fridges, freezers and central heating thermostats, Wifi routers and extenders, all add noise to the supply, then there are the voltage variations as loads are turned on and off. Transformers do quite a good job of transferring all of this noise on the supply. Cheap, simple power supplies as found in many LED lights are not good at rejecting all this noise. Ask any audio engineer about the difficulties of getting a clean power supply for audio equipment.
  6. Posted by Doc Marten on 01/11/2020 11:15:42: Don't overthink it and stop looking for loopholes works for me, leave that to the professionals. Well said. People spread Coronavirus, so if you don't want it, keep away from other people wherever possible. If you HAVE to be close to others take precautions. Simple isn't it?
  7. My particular pet hate, the incorrect replacement of have with of. For example, "Could have" or "could've" are correct, "could of" is not. Grammar, punctuation and spelling are all important in conveying the meaning of the written word.
  8. Hi Cliff, I'm pleased to hear that there is a good chance of continued employment albeit a little further from home. I hope it all works out well. Best Wishes for a brighter future. Ian
  9. Posted by Andy Hibbert 1 on 05/09/2020 20:16:32: Three B52's at approx 10,000ft over Northampton earlier this week. Maybe letting down into Mildenhall. Great sight and sound! B52s have been very active from RAF Fairford the last couple of weeks. This last week at least a pair has flown out every morning from Fairford roughly ENE at 10,000ft over Northamptonshire then over Lakenheath and onwards easterly climbing to 30,000ft plus. They disappear from radar roughly over NE Poland and reappear 4-6 hours later to return on the same route to Fairford. Quite a sight even at 8-10,000ft (I'm near Northampton too) and unmistakeable sound.
  10. So sorry to hear that Cliff. Seems to be the modern way of management - take no responsibility, sub-contract all you can. In the vernacular of these times, Outsource. Hope you find something soon. Ian
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