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  1. Hi, Lovely plane. Might it still be available? Thanks Phil
  2. Please can you tell me what comes with the kit? 4 motors speed and flight controller? Any GPS? Thanks Phil
  3. I've inherited this model. It has the extreme manoeuvrability thrust deflectors installed. Does anyone have experience of how flyable this is for someone with limited reactions!
  4. Does anyone know whether side thrust or even down thrust is needed on this model? I noticed mine wants to roll right slightly on increasing throttle. The motor mount has a packing under the left side to push the motor right. Is this helpful or best removed?
  5. Thanks that's a good suggestion. I tried the servo on a tester and it seemed normal so I'm a bit confused.
  6. Yes I always pay the extra CAA £9
  7. I have a jittery aileron servo on my Carbon Z Cub ss The servo is a digital 26g metal gear type EFLR7145. 4.68kgcm at 4.8v They seem pricey. Is it worth looking at alternatives? Any advice please?
  8. I'm getting old and maybe senile but I thought I had my CAA drone reg sorted out with my BMFA renewal each December. But this summer CAA emailed me "CAA Registration expiry reminder" so I duly paid up and got a registration number, which is different from my original. So now I have to change it on my models. Anyone else had this confusion?
  9. Thanks for those sensible answers. Seems like the concensus is probably not needed on non switch mode becs, possibly not on switch mode either, but maybe leave them if fitted and not causing installation issues.
  10. The usual problem with artfs like the Wotd Wot Foam E, is the decals start peeling and soon look tatty. The question is how best to tack the edges back down without damaging the foam?
  11. Unused. With flaps and ailerons hinged and ready. Offers
  12. I still fly a SAS Viper which predates my Wildthing that flew away!
  13. Does anyone remember a funflyer kit made by Haig Models for 35 to 40 engines. It was called a "Q.. something"! 50 inch span.
  14. Consider Blade 350qx series work with Dx6 or 7 on Dsmx. have gps and return home etc. stable take a go pro camera.
  15. Sorted the props 10 x5 with M6 inserts. Now I need to be able to charge the flight battery without access to a blade chroma one. I have an eflite 3 s balance charger but will iy connect?
  16. Does anyone have experience of these? I need spare props or at least to know what size or type I need. The motors seem to have m5 threaded shafts. For example, do the dji drone self locking props fit? thanks for the help
  17. Good condition grp cowl for 60 sized H9 Hellcat artf.
  18. Ok Jon understood and many thanks for the information.
  19. I have all those parts but removed them when I cleaned it. What would you say its resale value would be?
  20. Thanks Jon Can you identify it from these or I can take more.
  21. Could someone with long experience of laser engines please tell me the differences between the older amd newer versions of the 150 single cylinder? Is an older version worth working with? thanks
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