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  1. Thoroughly good read Ron, excellently documented with great photos as well, they make all the difference. Did the spare parts turn up? I didn’t notice what wind shield was on it when I saw you fly her at the 100th anniversary do. Gary
  2. I had chat with Model Shop Leeds before I brought the new low oil blend which I shared with Ron. All the Low oil content 'Laser 05 Pro' that MSLeeds have in stock is the new pinky/red colour using the new 7% recipe. Then as Jon said the standard full oil content wont turn pink/red until Opi have used up all the ML70 oil they have. Also worth noting you now get a full 5 litres not 4.55 Excellent service from MSLeeds.
  3. Hi Jon Many thanks, that does make total sense. One of my Lasers 70s had been behaving erratically when applying power, 95% of the time it was fine, but then suddenly it would stop. I knew it wasn’t the tank position and plumbing as nothing had changed in 2 years and it was the first thing I checked over. It had always been 100% reliable until now it wasn’t! No fuel filters on the model, but two plastic housed filters on the fuel caddy. When I opened the main assembly (as in my photo) it had a few bits of what looked like tiny shards of plastic, no idea how it got there, but I think it was enough to occasionally interrupt the smooth flow of fuel. I have done two flights since the clean and its 100% again.
  4. Hi Jon On the Laser70 carb is all the fuel metered by the main throttle asembly? i.e. does all the fuel go through thoses two small holes or does an amount bypass the main needle via the outer chamber and go down the spray bar to the idle needle? I ask, because if all the fuel is metered by the main needle why isn't the idle mix also affected when I set the main needle? Just curious Gary
  5. I,m looking forward to the strawberry smell myself when my 1 gallon of the V1 pro is gone?
  6. Thanks Nick, I have a Laser 155 to power the slightly smaller CF Xtra Wot I am building, so those mounts will do nicely.
  7. Nick, are the mounts you have mounted your Laser 180 with the Radio Active RAA1520? Gary
  8. Very well done Ron from first post to maiden 2 weeks 4 days, beautifully constructed Xtra Wot, looks even better in the air
  9. Great news Ron I am looking forward to the Video
  10. Wow Ron your Xtra looks fantastic and all in 2 weeks! Very well done. Great attention to detail in the build as well. Great photos, tips and Info. Just the maiden now, I am sure that will go well. Thanks for taking the time to do the 'Blog' thoroughly enjoyed it. Gary
  11. Got it You saved yourself quite a lot of money by producing the graphics yourself, got what you wanted and the satisfaction that you done it!
  12. I dont own a Cameo Ron, but have watched a few UT videos, how did you get the film to stay flat (stick) to the mat whilst it was cutting?
  13. Look forward to the Cameo tutorial on cutting covering film Ron Did you cut the letters individually?
  14. It looks terrific Ron, great colour choice and the your self cut decals really make it! Very well done. (and very quick)
  15. I think it look great as well Ron, I,m very impressed with your lettering, I had know idea you could cut covering film with the Cameo. Are you using the kit hardware pack for hinges clevis etc.?
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