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  1. Just another thought - don't have the TX and Rx too close together when binding.
  2. Can you tell us which protocol the X4R and the X6R are working on ? It should show in "settings". I presume it is D16 ? Some where on the TX should be an EU/LBT sticker. Can you confirm this? It should then be a choice of 2 firmware's for the receiver - V1 or V2 Once we have worked out what the TX protocol is we can probably advise which firmware to download and install. (I also assume you have D8 protocol as you have Delta 8, V8R7-II receivers. ?)
  3. Received the activation code from T9, ran the Lua script, and now up and running. Just need to do a range check now - when the weather plays ball. 🙄 Thank you very much Mike for the help.
  4. Perhaps Kayfast have what you want :- https://www.kayfast.co.uk/category/1/all-products and I have used eBay in the past.
  5. Don't remember if it's the same guy who, back in the 70's, flew with us on Parlick. Very similar model but he had one with a sliding aileron servo linked mechanically to a standard elevator. So as the elevator went up the ailerons went down. (Flaperons) ?? I have my own version of Kwicksilver but no sliding servo.
  6. Flashed my R-XSR with the 'UNI' firmware and bound it. Ran the Lua script (UNI_Activate.lua) and got the code. Just waiting for a reply from T9 now. Strange thing was when flashing the R-XSR it showed a green LED which it was interspersed with the odd red flash every now and again. Previously when I have flashed other receivers I haven't noticed any red LED just a constant green. I presume it must have worked as I got the 12 digit receiver code.
  7. Mike, thank you very much for the reply. Also thankyou for the pointer to the instruction PDF. Downloaded and will ingest today. Shame about the XM+ but I get swamping easily within 4 feet so virtually useless for hand launching (slope soarer's and park fly's.) Regards John
  8. Hi Mike' Will there be any chance of 'UNI' for the XM+ ? I have one but it is very prone to swamping which is a big problem when hand launching. I also have an R-XSR which I would like to change to the 'UNI' firmware but I don't really understand how the 'code' system works. I understand somehow that an individual reference is produced, after flashing, which is sent to Aloft or T9 who gives out a code to enable the Rx. I've gone through all the Aloft, RCGoups etc' posts but nothing explains the actual process. (that I can find.) Aloft said they would do a short video but, unfortunately, that doesn't seem to have materialised. No problem in the initial flashing process, just the follow-up. Any chance of a 'blow by blow' beginners guide please ? Best regards and thanks. John.
  9. Or Outerzone :- https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=4444
  10. If you want some real grip then really roughen the surfaces. You mention torque rods so perhaps grind notches in the wire or similar.
  11. Now I have 2 more bank accounts that I didn't know I had ? Halifax and Lloyds. Also had an Email from "popeye @ talktalk.net" saying I have up to 10th October to refresh my Email account to keep my account active. 17th now and still active.🤔
  12. The plan shows the 1/16" ply main spar and this should set the angle. If you want, just project the angle of the spar on a large piece of paper to give the dihedral dimension. https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=2081 This KK 66" plan says 3.5" dihedral but I don't know if that is under one or each tip? My 66" Quaker is 4" under each tip so 8" overall.
  13. Sort of makes me wonder about the coincidence ?
  14. 2 emails this morning from Lloyds Bank asking me to update my personal details. Didn't know I had a Lloyds account .🥴
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