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  1. Before making any changes make a note of where things are (position of rod in clamp) so that you can return them if changes don't work. Plenty of spare rod to play with. Should do the trick
  2. From your video I would suggest that the control rod needs adjusting (lengthening). Either at the servo and or the clevises.
  3. In the video, is that the elevator servo that can be seen ? There is an allen key clamp on the servo arm. Check that the arm is central at the stick neutral and undo the clamp and adjust the wire rod to set the elevators. I presume that the rod is long enough for this. You may have to unscrew the clevises as well to set up.
  4. Just asking as this could effect the servo movement. Gyro's can be had for about £18.
  5. Agree it is a Mode2 Tx. I would disconnect the elevator rod clevises and check that the servo will drive in both directions. If it does then check that the servo arm is centred on the servo. (Right angle with the control rod.) If it is then the clevises need unscrewing to move the elevators to their central level position. If there is an adjuster at the servo end that also could be adjusted. IMPORTANT - does this model have a "Giro" stabiliser ?
  6. This is currently hung-up in the shed. Last flown about 1994. Came as a kit with foam decks front and rear. Foam wings of course. Moulded cockpit and plastic cowl. There was no plan just good instructions which are signed by Dave Kerswell ? Mine has an SC62 for power with a standard silencer. Needs a bit of lead at the tail for balance. Instructions suggest .91 four strokes, .46 two stroke piped or standard .61... Flew it with my FF7, which I also still have. Trying to pluck up enough courage to give it a blast but need to swap out a couple of servos and the power switch for reliability and safety reasons.
  7. 1/4" BSP (British Standard Pipe.) relates to a 1/4" bore pipe and is considerably larger than 1/4" glow plugs.
  8. Maidened yesterday - sport scale Morane Saulinier type "N" from Radio Modeller plan. This is the second one as I built the first one sometime in the late seventies. Using the very same engine ,Enya 35, from 40 years ago. 3 channel, all moving elevator as per original.
  9. How about these from 4-Max ? https://www.4-max.co.uk/servo-4max-4M-100AMG-022.html https://www.4-max.co.uk/servo-4max-4M-175AMG-030.html https://www.4-max.co.uk/servo-4max-4M-410ABH-052.html I have had a few of these and up to now no problems although probably not enough flying to be considered a good test.
  10. Generally if the email uses your real name or some personnel identification then it's probably genuine. But always be wary when anything asks for any change involving information or monies.
  11. Thanks for the replies Guys. Hole centres = 28mm and original style screws go into engine. Cheers
  12. Thanks Andy. I will give them a ring and see if they have anything suitable. Cheers
  13. I'm in need of a standard silencer for my Irvine sport 40 mk11. Just building a model and didn't realise that the "super silencer" I have doesn't suit.
  14. As Peter, I would also say antenna orientation. I have flown an R88 with TX16s and no in flight warnings at all. Range checked O.K but did give RSSI warnings depending on which way I pointed the TX aerial. The aerial on my TX16S will not physically point at the ground without me going inside and altering its fitting. (maybe next time I have to have the back off - but can't imagine why.) Currently I can only have it pointing vertical (directly at my face ) or sideways. Any chance a low receiver battery voltage affecting it but unlikely ??
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