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  1. Thanks Chris - fingers crossed you're right ?
  2. Am I understanding you correctly, Chris - you think the rx will still work in the model even though the instructions expressly state that the rx is incompatible with a model which requires mixes for proper control of the plane (I'm a bit confused with your mention of old school and mixes, not sure what you mean)? Tim
  3. Thanks for the 'Important' note, Dennis. I think you've solved my problem. I'm not going mad - it appears I missed the bit where it states the rx is incompatible with a model that uses mixes to control flight surfaces (unfortunately, this is how the model in question works with no other option according to the user manual) so I guess I'll have to take it out and use it on another model. thanks again Tim
  4. Hi Dennis and Chris, Thank you both for your suggestions. The model itself is new to me (only a week or two old) and I created it and then set it up from scratch on the TX - as opposed to using an existing old well flown model copying it, and then adding SAFE on the duplicate model, like you did Chris - so I don't really see how there could be any odd 'hangover' settings, as there is nothing to hangover - it's all new. Also, I'm not struggling at all to set the model up on the TX, or adjust the trims and rates it's pretty straightforward including adding mixes for the canards. It's when I add SAFE that it all goes south and that is the part I don't understand and need to get a better grasp of. However, as what I've been doing clearly isn't working I may as well roll the dice and start again. ps Chris - any chance I can sneak a peak at your crib sheet please? thanks again Tim
  5. That sounds promising - if you are successful please could I ask a favour? Please can you scan and post a copy of your crib sheet so I can see which bit I'm missing. thanks Tim
  6. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll try to find the youtube video and see if it helps.
  7. At least I’m not alone then ?
  8. Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. What I’m trying to explain (badly) is that prior to SAFE installation the gyro operates correctly ie, pick up the model and wiggle it and the surfaces move accordingly. After SAFE is installed then the gyro ceases to function, ie pick up the model and wiggle it and nothing. What should be possible is the gyro operating in the background (switchable) and SAFE available on a panic switch when required. Hope that’s a bit clearer.
  9. Thanks for your reply, Chris. As you know, I've followed the instructions (so far as I can tell to the letter) and I've also watched and rewatched the tutorials many, many times - but, alas, no matter how carefully I follow the instructions I keep ending up at the same place. Hey ho, such is life. ?
  10. Tx has been recently updated (2 or 3 weeks back) and it binds fine with all the surfaces moving as they should - also plenty of channels , DX9 with a 6 ch rx and the model only requires 4. As I mentioned, I can get the gyro working easily enough and I can adjust the gain etc. It's just when I add the safe it stops the gyro from operating and apparently you can't have one without the other. Also, I'm not using trial and error - I've watched and rewatched the Youtube tutorials (11 of them iirc) several times and I'm doing my best to follow them faithfully (not easy as tutorial is done with a 20 ch touch screen tx). Obviously I'm doing something wrong - it's the 'what' that is the problem.
  11. There new rx is set up from the tx - no more app's - you can even adjust the gain in flight. So far as I can tell I've followed the instructions but it still won't work. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. That's the problem.
  12. Hi all, I am having trouble setting up an AR637T with safe, I've watched all the tutorials and I still can't get it to work. I can set the gyro with multiple flight modes but If I then try to add the safe option I lose all the gyro settings. Apparently it's possible (actually necessary) to have both and I should be able to set a panic button feature for the safe - so I can fly with the gyro in the background and if/when I get into trouble I hit the panic button and it saves the model by returning it to level flight. But I can't do it! If anyone has any hints or tips I'd be very grateful as it's driving me mad. TIA Tim PS apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I've searched and nothing comes up.
  13. Have you got eight brackets?….. I have - 2 obviously longer than the others and the rest more or less the same size (allowing for manufacturing tolerances).
  14. Sadly the pictures/instructions are not 1:1 scale - that would be too easy for DW's.
  15. I haven't had a chance to do any work on the model today - I will report back when I do. Thanks for all the suggestions. Much appreciated.
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