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  1. Using Linux? Welcome @bodgerepyou made it at last, which could be because a new system has recently been installed or that we have new tech experts. I wonder if the new system is more Linux friendly, not that it matters to you now. Need help just ask, this forum is full of very knowledgeable people. Foamboard is currently very topical BTW. Steve
  2. Thanks @Neil James that is re-assuring. Now I have started dithering and looking around I am thinking maybe I should go larger, say 4m. Steve
  3. I assume the email from BMFA has been received. Not the news we wanted.
  4. It would help if I knew what streaming was, but as it's something I have happily lived without maybe it's best not to find out.
  5. Yes, you can do that. The whole mag or selected pages, not sure about streaming though. Steve
  6. I have a MPX Heron and made it less than perfect during the build, it was the kit version (my excuse), so I thought I would go for something more robust. Steve
  7. Thanks Nick, I am looking at alternatives now. Span ~3m RTF and Electric as I don't want to build, and I fly from a flat field. Steve
  8. For the price of the RTF Premium, I was expecting perfection and a first-class service. These replies are making me have second thoughts. Steve
  9. More details here ASH-26 3.0 m - Composite RC Gliders (composite-rc-gliders.com) Steve
  10. I am thinking of buying one, what experience have others had with this model and the company?
  11. There is a minimum turnover that has to be exceeded to qualify for VAT registration, used to be £75,000, which means the business can buy VAT free but pay VAT on the sale. Small businesses just pay VAT on all their purchases and cannot reclaim the VAT even if the goods are exported. It makes no difference in either case as VAT is paid on the sale price and profit does not come into play. I am not sure of this so would it not be best to consult an expert? Are we way off topic now, as this has nothing to do with HK Customer Service? Steve
  13. Hope you don't mind Colin, here is a link to Tony Bennett's build. Steve
  14. I did notice but was not that interested in the detail. I was just trying to follow the clues and hopefully help but now feel like I am being told off. Steve
  15. and the plan Doolittle Media Shop | BE2 & BE 2a 84.1″ Plan503 (adhpublishing.com) Steve
  16. ADH gave it away Doolittle Media Shop | BE2 & BE 2a cut parts for plan503 (adhpublishing.com) Steve
  17. Sorry to hear that Robert it's always sad news when a modeler has to give up. Myself I am determined to keep going as long as I can but fear that I am not far behind you as for the Model Flying, I have no doubt that it will keep going. Steve
  18. New to me and test flown after a few repairs. It had a brushed motor, with a bent shaft, so I guess it must be old. Steve
  19. Up early and at the field by 07:30 the idea being to get my flying done before the heat builds up. I think I was a bit too early as I had to put a fleece on. The field is green and the crops have been harvested. Test flew this in the still morning air. Nice start to my day Steve
  20. Hobbyking same film can be bought from RapidRC and 4-Max. Steve
  21. Once logged in the latest edition is loaded to access the whole archive press the menu icon, top right highlighted in red, and choose archive. which gives this Steve
  22. On the home page click Digital Archive Which takes you to the login page.
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