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  1. Covid, Ukraine , oil prices, fuel prices, energy WW2 all have one thing in common, Castor oil. Well some would have you believe.
  2. Basically that's one of the best oils that is permissible with Methanol and is used in SLV optifuel.
  3. My dad's team came second in the 24 le mans 100 cc national, Germans won by running their engines till they blew up at 7 to 8 hours rather than us changing engine and doing rebuilds every 6 hours.
  4. No castor in any fuels I use, just Klotz, Maybe some one could email the company's that produce these castor based oils to stop making this stuff
  5. The High performance kart engines still use castor based oils, the ones with 50 hours between rebuilds on run on basically anything, Rotax doo not recommend synthetics in their 2022 2 stoke top end engines, TKM, Dap Parrilla in the vintage classes all recommend Shell M or Castrol M, these are the engine pulling 19000 rpm not the modern long life engines.
  6. I disagree with you Steve, I find it offensive that you even call it an engine. Though to some it maybe,.
  7. Explosives precursor and poisons licence is what you need ,not an explosives license which is something totally different, very different in how they are acquired and renewed. The explosives license has a Firearms officer come and do an interview and the EPP is acquired though the Home Office. Both are relatively easy to acquire if you have nothing to hide.
  8. Vat is applied at source up to £135 just like every other country in Europe,over £135 you take your chances but will get charged more often than not.
  9. Try an OS F plug, hopefully should clear the problem.
  10. Most of the people that I know that use Petrol is for the increased reliability over glow however that does comes at a cost if you use certain brands then yes the reliability goes down but no different to using cheap nasty glow engines, In 15 years I have never had a malfunction with DA or GP engines and use reliable components such as Power box etc and thus the reliability goes up Certainly no evidence to see they are less reliable.
  11. I dont have engines in any glass cabinets but I do clean them after use.5000 years ago when I started flying I learnt to clean the engines and airframe at the end of the day not at the end of its life ?
  12. How on earth can anyone let an engine, which is a precision machine get in that state in the first place (not saying that it is your engine)
  13. David, Life is not about what others can do for you, Its more what can I do to help myself and others. I am fortunate that I hold all Three C certificates and got them through wanting to improve my own flying and being disciplined to practise and take them. Many years ago I had no interest in any certificate then got the interest in trying to improve all my areas of flying and every time I go out flying Jets I practise the same sequence of manoeuvres that I did for my test to keep up the skills .The BMFA didn't ask me to them I chose to do them for myself.
  14. If I can get a decent plan or borrow a Kit I can laser cut them if required. Takes a little while to do well so the fits are basically perfect,
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