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  1. That's me (!) - Touchscreens on sytems like Spektrum are common sense and mostly plain English with full length words, coded by English-speakers so that contractions are recognisable. Radiolink (can't speak for OpenTX Radiomaster) is the opposite end of the spectrum for useability. Sure there's a screen, sure it's computerised - but it's a pig for quick and predictable adjustments.
  2. I can't find my old post on this, but I had the AT10ii as my first Tx. It is lightweight, cost effective and I never had reliability issues, great for simple models. But... I started to get the urge for simple additional functions like flaps, and the menu and programming system is horrible. Broken English, menu titles that don't make sense, no userbase to get support from, manuals in Chinglish. I had a hard time setting rates and expo, my memory fails me, but it was difficult to separate out control surfaces onto different switches. I had to set pos and neg trav/expo independently, there was no mirroring. I also had issues where setting flaps and ailerons interfered with one another and I had to go into completely abstract menus to get it to separate. Not fun. Tens of hours I won't get back. They've also got telemetry which I specifically wanted, but the paperwork said it could call out voltage - it can't, it can only beep.
  3. Hi Bill - the forumites helped me above in this thread somewhere but the best thing to do is get a long thin knife, the snap-off blade hobby type and slice out the weights. I put a block of balsa back in to stiffen the area up again without adding the weight.
  4. Sorry to resurrect an old thread - did you ever find anywhere locally?
  5. Is the NX8's WiFi 2.4GHz only or does it also include 5GHz - our home router (nothing special, 6yr old Virgin Media item) sends out two networks, a 2.4GHz one and a 5GHz one. I name my networks by the frequency, so I can see, but if you've never done that, they could look very similar. If the NX8 can only see one or the other, or you're used to connecting to a particular one with one password, then perhaps you're indeed giving it the wrong password. Take a look at the back of the router.
  6. Such a shame I've nowhere local to fly indoors, really want to have a go. Got a Funnycub ready to go that's had some outdoors flights. East midlands, Coalville, if anybody's got any suggestions.
  7. My charger is an Etronix model, but it has a dedicated balance mode on top of your usual charge, store, discharge settings. Good for running quickly to storage or to full charge, then using the low current balance mode to set it right when generally at the overall voltage you want it at.
  8. If you choose to go tail dragger, be careful because the instructions just take you straight into trike and don't give you any options. If you were to build it in ignorance you'd have the rudder glued in before you could fit the tail wheel wire.
  9. It's important to remember there are bricks and mortar UK-based shops trading on eBay. They aren't selling knock-off goods on eBay whilst simultaneously selling official stuff in store or on their own website. Always check the seller, eBay isn't a big bad wild place, it's highly convenient when used properly.
  10. Can't recommend anything personally, but the US-based importer/distributor Twisted Hobbies has a very good selection all of which are available in the UK. The brands that are popular seem to be Czech, RC Factory and Hacker. Multiplex must have something.
  11. From what I read, there's supposed to be something 'special' about the Multiplex Elapor foam. Look and feel, anecdotal evidence that it's just nicer stuff, the premium end of foamies. Added to that, the Multiplex models are given a lot of credit for flying characteristics.
  12. Sounds like you've got a business idea, just cut out those sheets of Depron and you're sorted Tosh!
  13. Hi Frank - did you use the recommended adhesives? Instructions call for MPX852727 and MPX852728. I can only buy MPX852727 at a reasonable price in the UK.
  14. Has anybody ever built or flown one of these before? What did you think?
  15. I've got nothing but 4S 3700s. Always charge at 1C, 3.7A. From storage 3.85V/cell, we're talking 30mins to get up to 4.2V/cell. Always charged on a balance lead.
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