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  1. Thanks Geoff,the wire is about 43 inches will check it again to make sure
  2. Thanks Kc ,yes I did miss kens offer ,not easy on this iPhone . Ken will pm you later when I have worked out how to do it chris
  3. Thanks Martin would speaker cable be ok ,pull off the other wire,otherwise I can try my thicker cable,then give it a good range check. chris
  4. I need to solder on a new aerial to my futaba receiver does it need to be thin wire as all I can find is twice the thickness
  5. Hi gangster my motor is an Emax BL 2820/07 with a master air screw 10x5prop the model has a 63 inch wingspan possibly 20 /30 years old given to me by a friend of mine
  6. Not flown yet,but want a bigger motor ,anyone know of a suitable make and size of motor for my gangster,do I need 100 watts per pound?don’t want anything too fast.
  7. Whoops ,incidence is the angle of atack on wing,should have said dihedral,
  8. I have pushed the wings up tight to centre section,put some heavy batteries on the centre section,which gives me just under 1/2 an inch under each wingtip,will block up wing tips at 1/2 inch before glueing. so that works out at 1 degree of incidence according to my calculator.will get my evostick wood glue out tomorrow and glue it up.
  9. Thanks John I shall probably stick with the wood glue,I think the dihedral was 1 1/2 inches under each wingtip. Thanks for the download instructions Martin not sure if I have got this wrong,both wing ribs for joining are at 90 degrees,should the wing rib w1 have been glued later,got a photo now at last not sure how I got it here though.
  10. Danny,i believe the model cub flies better with a bit of dihedral.I did take some photos but couldnt get them off my iphone on to here,will try again,much easier on my laptop. John ,im still at it still building,that sounds a better idea better than filling it with araldite,should i join the left hand wing to centre section with my wood glue (green bottle) or araldite,doesnt seem strong enough to me,needs strengthening,i suppose the struts may help a bit. Hows your cub coming on? Chris
  11. Hi,i am building a sig piper cub 1/4 scale now got as far as joining the left wing to the centre section,problem is there is a gap at the back between the two wing ribs i am about to glue ,and the wing looks flat , not much dihedral, should i use epoxy resin araldite to fill in gap or put some balsa in there and block the wingtips up for correct dihedral
  12. First thing i shall do is swap the ESC,then try some 3 in 1oil,if all that fails it will be another motor. That was interesting about soaking the bearings etc,I don't think I shall go that far.
  13. Probably is the blue series,I have found the instructions for it,but it doesn't tell you much,some of them look really complicated.How can I put a photo of it on here,years ago I used to use photo bucket.can I do it direct off my iPhone..?
  14. Just been in workshop, its a Hobby King 35 ESC, but its a 15volt 4 cell,Ive been using it on a 3 cell ,would it make any difference?
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