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  1. Here's my insulation tape effort. I've also included a pic of the other controversial marking that the kit omitted. This one I downloaded and printed on adhesive label paper. Worked surprisingly well.
  2. I made one for my FMS BF109 using strips of black and white insulation tape, which I have found adheres well long term. The model was given an overall coat of Plastikote aerosol matt lacquer, which gets rid of any shiny bits and helps stop anything unpeeling.
  3. Another vote here for the O.S. 40 Surpass - The SE5A I had about 30 years ago flew just fine on that, with, I think, an 11x7 prop. If you've got the engine already it's worth putting it in and seeing how you get on, it will certainly fly. As Jon says, getting an alternative is quite an outlay. I sold my SE5A about 20 years ago, and regretted it, so about 10 years ago my father in law built me a new one from the plan which I'd kept, for an electric power train. It flies the same as the old one, unsurprisingly!
  4. Sounds interesting. Can't help with the thrustline query I'm afraid. Probably simplest to keep the nacelle parallel to the bottom of the wing and see what happens, then program in some throttle-elevator mixing if required. Please show and tell when it's finished.
  5. Still really enjoying flying mine, I'm really glad I added the flaps as they provide a further scale element to the flying. Strutter, I see that Sarik are now selling laser cut parts if you want to exchange money for a bit of time. Don't think they do a canopy though, which I found to be the trickiest part of the build.
  6. After years of building plastic kits as a lad, and sometimes now, I can confirm that insufficient stirring will result in a glossy finish.
  7. It's a bit odd that the home page still shows a preview of the May issue, when my June one arrived over a week ago.
  8. It is feasible that a powerful EMP could corrupt electronic storage devices. The military systems I worked on were tested for susceptibility to both radiated and conducted emissions to ensure they weren't damaged or corrupted by such events. However, there doesn't seem to be formal evidence that this occurs with our R/C gear. It occurred to me that my phone is frequently adjacent to a whole bunch of safety critical electronics when in my car, but there are no safety warnings about this. I shall keep an open mind, but certainly will keep my phone more than a couple of inches away from my R/C gear.
  9. It's interesting that Radiomaster can transmit DSM2 and Spektrum (UK and EU) can't. Have they got an exemption or are they sticking two fingers up to the legislation that Spektrum were forced to comply with?
  10. Paul, I believe you! I'm just wondering whether, in France, the Red version of the 500e only comes with the smaller battery pack. I couldn't find the page you've posted above on the French website, but my O level French was 50 years ago! The only range information I could find was this, which must be for the bigger battery. I wish manufacturers would put a clear table on their sites so that the specifications and prices of their cars could be compared. To be fair, MG do this.
  11. The MG5 is now available with a bigger (longrange) battery which gives a WLTP range of 250 miles, which should be a safe real world 200. Costs around £28k. Unfortunately, the seat backs don't fold very flat, so not so good for model transportation. 7 year warranty is attractive.
  12. Paul, regarding the Fiat, I couldn't see which batteries were available with the Red trim, their website is rubbish for finding specific specs. For the 500e overall, they quote up to 199miles, which is with the 42kWh battery. https://www.fiat.co.uk/electric-cars/range-batteries-charging The 500e is also available with a 24kWh battery, which is quoted as 118miles, according to the Honest John review. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/fiat/500/electric/ This ties in with the figures you have seen. Too small to carry models though!
  13. I plan on going, weather dependent. It was the only show I went to last year, enjoyed it.
  14. Matty, there was in fact a fire related recall on the Kona electric a couple of years ago. https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/manufacturer-news/2021/02/25/hyundai-recalls-electric-cars-due-to-battery-fire-risk#:~:text=Hyundai will recall 82%2C000 electric,well as the Ioniq Electric. Although this article doesn't mention it, I think there were a couple of dozen fires worldwide. Hyundai have done the prudent thing and issued a recall to sort it, and its not a factor that would put me off buying an EV. They are still rather pricey, and the charging infrastructure is still pretty rubbish, but I'll get one sometime soon hopefully.
  15. Wow, looks like prices of home generation/ storage in France is much higher than here in the UK, for whatever reason. Presumably that's the smaller battery 500 - the 40kWh version has a WLTP range of around 200 miles, although this equates to about 160 in real world use. Most cars, electric and combustion, don't readily achieve their WLTP figures, although the Hyundai Kona, Kia e-Niro and Soul seem to get close.
  16. Indeed, and for smaller models the little Spektrum antennaless receivers are excellent and not too expensive.
  17. Given that new builds apparently have to have an EV charger, I don't understand why the government don't go further and mandate they also have solar panels and storage batteries, where appropriate. This would probably cost less than £10k per house, negligible when new builds where I live start at around £400k. Surely that would significantly reduce the grid's average gas consumption? I wasn't wishing, I remembered what this guy said on this video, which admittedly is a year or so old. About 14 minutes in, he says a solar array and battery come in around 8-9k. Even if this is a bit light, in commercial volumes I would expect 10k to be realistic.
  18. Given that new builds apparently have to have an EV charger, I don't understand why the government don't go further and mandate they also have solar panels and storage batteries, where appropriate. This would probably cost less than £10k per house, negligible when new builds where I live start at around £400k. Surely that would significantly reduce the grid's average gas consumption?
  19. John has summed up the DSM2/X situation perfectly. I have a Gen 2 DX8 which does both -2 and -X protocols and it has served me well. A year or so ago I treated myself to an NX-8 because I fancied the voice alerts and wireless trainer. I bought it rather than the DX8e because of the diversity antennae, although my DX8 only has one and has never given a problem. I always try to angle the antenna at 90° to the model, and I notice that although the 8e antenna only pivots in one axis, this should still be possible. If you don't need 8 channels, the NX-6 could be a cheaper option. Is the 8e supplied for dry cell operation? The NX range is Li Ion powered, with charging via a micro USB socket. Mine runs for many hours, even though I have the display back-light permanently on.
  20. I'm about to return from a holiday in Southwold, Suffolk. A couple of days ago my wife overheard someone in town ask a shop assistant where he could get petrol. He was told that there hadn't been a petrol station in town for 10 years, the nearest one was 5 miles away. Sure enough, I had to search on Google Maps for one today and divert from my drive along the coast to fill up for the drive home tomorrow. Ironically, 2 minutes walk from our holiday let is a public charger, albeit only a fast (7.2kW) one. It had been unoccupied each time I passed, and I had a nose at it today. It looked fully functional, accepted contactless payment as well as an app and RFID card, at a quite reasonable 35p/kWh. Looks like I would have had less trouble keeping an EV topped up than my petrol car! We're going to need many, many more of them though if EV sales keep increasing as they are though. Last years second best selling car overall was the Tesla Model 3, behind the (mostly I.c.) Vauxhall Corsa.
  21. Whilst out shopping today, I was reminded of the e-bike posts a couple of days ago. A chap emerged from a side turning on what looked like a standard push-bike, but with an I.c. engine in the middle of the frame. I couldn't see how it was connected to the wheels. As he got onto the main road, he pedalled like the clappers, the engine fired up very noisily, and he took off up the hill at an impressive rate of knots without pedalling. No number plates or helmet, and I suspect far from legal!
  22. Rich, there are likely to be several YouTube channels with reports on the show, not least the Fully Charged channel.
  23. A Jag I-Pace, VW ID3 and BMW i3 are all regulars at our field. Many of the latest models (MG ZS, new Kia and Hyundai models) have a vehicle to load facility. This provides 240V mains up to about 2-3 kW, very useful if you want to charge at the field or make a brew.
  24. I would recommend keeping a little power on for landing because there is loss of elevator authority at low speed with full flap. If you get it right, she can be settled into a tail down landing, if not a full three pointer. I remember reading that the full size Mossie should always be landed tail up.
  25. HQ, that's fine work, you are making me wish I hadn't sold mine now! I too used a better canopy from Sarik. I got the matt finish by spraying with Plastikote matt lacquer.
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