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  1. Whilst I intend to bin this lipo, its just that there are so many variables and wondered if there was a definitive answer. Previous lipos have shown their failing when charging and 1 of the cells takes significantly less voltage. Its only recently that I have checked their IR. Thanks for the replies.
  2. When should I take the IR reading of a lipo. Before or after recharging. The reason I ask is that I have a 6 cell 5000mah that has had 45 cycles of balanced charging, and after the last flight it was hot and slightly puffy. I was going to retire the battery as the IR of 4 cells were 001 but 2 were 031. After a couple of days I thought I'd check it again and all the cells were 001. I will not use the battery again but wondered when the IR reading should be taken. Russ
  3. I've been in contact with Steve last week using email and placed an order which he posted on Saturday.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I bought a new motor. I'll carry on trying though, if only to find a way of doing it.
  5. The motor was "clunky" when I was turning it by hand so I thought the bearings needed changing/cleaning. The times previously when I've stripted a motor I've just pulled them apart. I think its just strong magnetic force holding it. Unable to get a good grip to pull it apart. Just thought i'd have a look as getting a new motor of the size I require might be a long wait due to stock availability.
  6. That was my first thought, I've checked and checked again and can't see anything I've missed.
  7. I'm trying to service a brushless motor but I can't pull the bell housing away from the main body. It moves about 6mm and that's it. On my smaller motors it just pull apart but on this larger motor it won't. Any suggestions. Thanks
  8. De-solv-it worked a treat. Thanks
  9. I'm refurbishing an old VQ model and have removed the wing covering quite easily but it has left a very sticky surface on the wood. Its so sticky that I can't sand the surface! I have tried using acetone, white spirit etc to remove the stuff but with no luck. Any ideas.
  10. Sorry, just seen the date of the original posting, probably built it by now. Anyway good practice using the new website.
  11. I've just completed building the Challenger kit now starting to cover it. I previously had the ARTF version for 3 years, was my go to model for a bit of fun, flying too low and fast hit the ground! Bought the kit at the start of lockdown for something to do. Don't bother with the wheel spats as has previously been said. I had an OS 55AX in mine no additional weight required for c of g, the build instructions say 46-2 stroke or 70-4 stroke. There is and good videos build on youtube (link below) which takes you through the build, the booklet that came with the kit has a few points missing or in the wrong sequence. If its your first kit build it would be worthwhile looking at the videos.
  12. Spent yesterday exploring the new site and getting use to it. Excellent so far. This morning used it for the first time on my phone and WOW it’s superb. The old site had nothing compared to this on the phone. great work, and keep plugging away.
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