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Phil Cooke

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  • 4 weeks later...

I attach a few photos from last weekend's event on the Lleyn Peninsula. All are of one of Chris Collis's big Lancasters I'm afraid - there weren't many other photo opportunities!

Preparing 3 Lancasters


The launch


And the flying

img_2386 (2).jpg

img_2410 (2).jpg


Thanks very much to Phil Cooke again for all the organisation. Whilst the flying was often a bit challenging, we had a great weekend in the sun!

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Monday night and I'm still shattered after a fantastic weekend of non-stop PSS flying on the Great Orme - what a superb couple of days we've just enjoyed! - many thanks to everyone who attended. We flew from 8:30 am on the Saturday in good strength WSW winds. Everything flew - superb conditions with winds upto 35mph. On Sunday it was a little lighter and had moved round to the NW by midday, from there we flew on until 6pm in winds up to 18mph. As things slowly start to return to a new normal we even managed a meal on the Saturday night in town. Great social as always!

There was a huge number of new models on show and being tested for the first time, odd for this time of year - another sign of the strange late start season we find ourselves in maybe?

A full event review and photo album to follow as soon as I can edit.


In the meantime, here's a link to some photos on our FB page of maiden flight models seen over the weekend!


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Hi Daryl,

The Ar555 certainly got some airtime, I had three flights with it with the CG being adjusted backwards each time. It was built from a Chris Golds EDF plan, by Gordon Studley and looks most unusual in the sky. It is very easy to get confused as to which way it is flying!

I believe Phil Cooke might have taken a few photos of it in the air.


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  • 3 weeks later...
With the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, Conwy county restrictions now in force from 1st Oct means we are unable to travel to the Great Orme and sadly we are going to have to cancel our planned Fly-In 10/11th October.
I will update the PSSA website this evening to reflect what is effectively the end of our 2020 season. Thank goodness we achieved so much flying at our September meet!!
Stay safe and well.
Phil Cooke

Edited By Phil Cooke on 30/09/2020 09:14:58

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Unfortunately, the circumstances are beyond PSSA control, and it is only right that we comply with the current restrictions.

Hopefully we will be able to meet up for a short notice flying session once the local lockdown has eased again, and if the weather is favourable.

As you said, at least we had a great flying session at the last event.

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  • 3 months later...

Morning all,

As already reported on the PSSA website and FB/Group pages, we've completed the planning work and are now able to release dates for our 2021 PSS season.

Obviously in the current climate some may think I'm being too bold - particularly with the first event in April, but I felt it better to plan and cancel an event if circumstances at the time dictate, than not plan at all.

So here is our 2021 calendar - many thanks to those who have helped me confirm these dates with local clubs and authorities. More details for each event can be found on our website HERE.

Key reminders:

All 2021 events will be run in a compliant manner with Covid-19 guidleines applicable for the time/location.
All pilots must have valid BMFA (or equivalent) insurance.
All models flown must have Operator ID numbers displayed in accordance with BMFA requirements.

events 2021.jpg

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  • 1 month later...
2021 Events Calendar Revision
Following Westminster’s recent roll-out of the Covid-19 Roadmap we have been forced to make the following changes to our events calendar to remain compliant;
Events planned during ‘Step 1’ or ‘Step 2’ (any event before 17th May) are to be cancelled due to travel and outdoor group size restrictions.  This effects our Great Orme opener on 10th / 11th April 2021 and our planned trip to fly with the SWSA at The Bwlch 8th / 9th May 2021.   BOTH EVENTS CANCELLED.
If all goes to plan, our first event will be on the Great Orme 22nd / 23rd May 2021 – after a lengthy lay-off, we will run this as a standard Fly-For-Fun event, moving the advertised Sabre Mass Build event back to our September meet in an attempt to maximise participation. Note we have agreed to re-run the SWSA event at The Bwlch on 24th / 25th July – many thanks to Steve Houghton for his help with this quick reaction ammendment – Great that we are still planning to meet in South Wales this season!
A reminder that all our events will be run in a Covid compliant manner.
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Important news regarding our SABRE 'Mass Build' Event.
Following the announcement this week from Weston Park that the usual weekend in June is now just a B-Cert 'Fly-In' and that the full public show has moved to September 3-5, we have identified the clash with our planned Sabre Mass Build event. We have elected to make changes, deferring our Mass Build event by 2 weeks to allow PSSA members to attend both events in full.
Our Sabre ‘Mass Build’ Competition will now be run Saturday 18th September with prizes for Best Newcomer, Most Innovative Build and Model of the Event categories. Sunday will be used as a contingency date for flyable conditions.
Note - All PSSA events in 2021 will be run in a manner compliant to the Covid-19 guidelines applicable to the time and location of the event.  So with that change announced, our events calendar for the year now looks like this... hopefully no more changes required!
Please make note of the change of date - see you there!
Edited by Phil Cooke
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  • 1 month later...
Some important changes for the 2021 season ahead...
As we eagerly ready ourselves for the delayed start to the 2021 PSSA flying event season (Great Orme 22/23rd May) I wanted to highlight some small, but none-the-less important alterations to our usual ‘Fly for Fun’ format.  These changes will enable us to operate (and be seen to operate) our events in a safe and considered manner.
Earlier this month we updated our PSSA Event Risk Assessment through the BMFA which considers the way we manage our meetings on the slope, focussing not only on the latest CAA/BMFA Article 16 Exemption regulations but also on the staging of an outdoor group event under current Covid-19 guidelines.
If you are flying with the PSSA this season please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with our Risk Assessment which can be found on our website link below;
Here’s a categorised summary of the changes for our events this season (and whilst operating under Covid-19 guidelines);
CAA/BMFA Article 16 Exemption
• All participants (including overseas visitors) must demonstrate they have BMFA (or equivalent) insurance and that they are registered with a DMARES competency certificate
• All models operated with a flying weight over 250g must have a valid Operator ID number displayed
• We will increase the use of warning signage for public awareness around the LZ
• We will nominate Event Marshalls to actively manage the flight line and LZ throughout the event
COVID-19 – Manage Capacity
• All attendees must complete and submit a Track and Trace form for each day in attendance at the event
• We will limit the number of models in the pits at any time (max 2 per person) and the number of pilots flying at any one time (max 6 pilots) to avoid over-crowding
• No Group photos
COVID-19 – Manage Contact
• All attendees should bring with them hand sanitizer – use throughout the day and before and after any contact with any shared equipment (eg Peg Board or shared Transmitters)
• Wear single use disposable gloves when handling other peoples models or equipment (eg assisting with rigging or launching)
Our Risk Assessment is a live document which can be up-issued and altered in line with our requirements and the current guidance we are working within.
Please contact us by email at [email protected] with any questions or concerns on this topic - we want to do all we can to ensure we stage our events in a safe and compliant manner.
Many thanks
Phil Cooke
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