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Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

The Stampe crew for this year

Hopefully more next year


From left to right 


Rob (pit crew)

Will (pilot blue Stampe)

Neil (pit crew) 
Bert (pilot greens and silver Stampe)

Alan (pilot red Stampe)

Rick (pit crew)


We had a great time And some nice comments 


Due to the weather we did manage to get some flights to ourselves without the usual mix of other types of planes,

This meant we could Explore and be more adventurous,


I stared to call out a routine and this worked well, This has highlighted the need to have a set routine,

also the need to have planes of the same performance,


hopefully there will be some videos uploaded from Bravo303 and pete coxon tbobbrap1


do hope so as it’s a great reference platform  


Note to self


Get a pic with sun behind the camera 



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Yep was good

the wind was a good direction, straight down the runway left to right. I even managed to land without tipping up  


It was fairly calm on sat morning, the afternoon was a different story


In the afternoon We had to land quickly due to full size movement 

Typically it nosed up and the wind blew it backwards, I managed to suss it out and managed to steer it backwards quite entertaining but the Cowl is now sporting a new vent at the front,


Sunday wind was strong, a few pilots pulled out and the schedule was rearranged 


it worked in our favour 


both Will and myself landed and soon worked out using a combination of rudder and elevator we could revere them back towards the waiting helpers 


all good fun



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