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Now there's a coincidence... I'm in a league on another forum too! teeth 2

And they used BadgerGP as well!

Oh, and by the way Kev, you were 9th, 5 places behind me... nerd

UMM, 110th is not at all bad. I was somewhere in the "several-hundreds" overall, but did mange something like 6 th or something in one round. If I'd made just one different prediction I'd have won that round too, and with the second highest points score of the season, But I didn't! C'est la vie...

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OK, sounds like Robin has sussed it, but for anyone else, in a nutshell here's how it works...

You have a budget of 75 million and pick 3 cars and 3 drivers totalling 75 million or less. The prices are on the badger site the best ones costing more of course, and obviously 3 top drivers plus 3 top cars will come to a lot more than 75 million - so it's up to you how you spend your money.

You can change your "team" three times without penalty, any subsequent changes will cost you some points. This year they're allowing unlimited team changes for the first couple of races.

Points are awarded for the actual finishing positions of your cars and drivers. for drivers you also get points for positions the driver finishes above their start position. Additionally for each race you make predictions - for pole position, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the race and also fastest lap. Predictions have to be in place before qualifying starts and - new this year - they've added one more thing to predict - the number of safety car periods!

Mini-leagues; As well as the main league which will have several thousand teams in it, anybody can set up a "friends" mini-league and invite others to join it. We have done this for the past couple of years on another forum with about 15 or so taking part.

More detailed info on the badgergp site.

And to answer Robin's question, my team is JohnPs plodders!

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OK folks, I've created a friends mini-league for us on badgergp.com. So get yourselves signed-up and we can pit our wits/luck(!) against each other. The more the merrier, and it doesn't matter if you're already in another (or several other) leagues.

Details are;

League name: Modelflying forumites

Passcode: j4SFxG

I'll post the results on this thread as the season goes on and hopefully we'll get lots of discussion on this thread too!

So Tony, Stephen, Robin, Pete, Kev, UMM, and anybody else, get yourselves signed-up!

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I have heard of others having difficulty registering as a new user on badger - not sure what's going on exactly, I hoped they'd sorted it out by now... Is it possible that the email they send you to confirm your details has got caught in a spam trap? I logged-on using my login from previous years with no problem.

You can also logon to badgergp using your existing facebook, twitter or google login - if you have any of those.

Edited By John Privett on 23/02/2013 15:02:55

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Yep - just register yourself as a "team" and then (optionally) join as many (or few) mini-leagues as you want!

So sign-up, then click on Friends Leagues and then click the Join a Friends League button. Select 'Modelflying forumites' from the list and when prompted enter the passcode j4SFxG

The mini-league bit just gives a bit more interest for people - friends, work-colleagues, forum-members or whatever - to compete against each other and compare scores.

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I'm sure di Resta is already confirmed and as you say it was looking very much like a "shoot out" for the 2nd seat between Sutil and Bianchi, despite the team's claims - "It's not a shoot-out," said a team spokesman. "It's two drivers helping the team with this week's test." (Yeah, right... of course it's not!)

But nothing heard yet?

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