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The Atom Bomber

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Cheers Rich, your Whippit really drew the crowds

On the ferrules me too til I read that the way you have them when the screw is clamped down the sharp edge bites into the wood over clamping the rubber and reducing vibration isolation. If inverted and inserted from underneath the brass flange spreads the load on the bearer and the head of the screw contacts the ferrule sharp edge. Key is not to over tighten the screw but clamp sufficiently to hold. Then the rubber is captured but allows some movement for vibration isolation... Hope this helps


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Managed to get a little more done to the bomber this afternoon. I am not happy with the several canopies I have made so I bit the bullet and added a top decking which will be removable, tail feathers have also been cut out and a start has been made on the head (I have borrowed this off one of my other designs).

I have also bought the motor, a Turnigy G32 which will swing a 14 " prop, time is getting on and I really think I will be pushed to get this up and flying in a week and a half.

A few snaps of my efforts.









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Well its taken me 4 years to complete this model but I have done and test flew it last weekend at our annual autogyro fly - in.

As you can see I altered the tailplane and opted for Tee tail version, the mast was broken on the Friday evening but my friend gave me a swept 10mm carbon fibre post of an old model which worked out ok. I will make up an alloy mast in the coming weeks to replace it.

Despite the 20mph winds gusting to nearly 30 it flew really well, though I need to practice my bomb dropping technique as the light foam whistling lidle bomb missed the target every time, great fun!

AUW is 1600grames with a 75" 2 bladed rotor so its a floater.

When I get chance I will capture some video.



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