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Evo 15cc problems

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I have an Evo 15 cc, an original one which relies on exhaust pressure, like a glow motor, to get the fuel to the engine. I have had the engine a while but have only just started trying to use it. The problem is that it runs well for a few minutes and then the tube from the exhaust melts, or softens, and falls off including the tubing supplied with the engine. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

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Hi William, sorry to hear about your woes, I've got 2 evo10gx's that use exhaust pressure and had no problems. I use the original supplied tubing in the tank because it keeps flexible and from the tank to exhaust and its never melted. I wonder if this was mistakenly shipped with the wrong tubing. I believe the correct stuff is VITON part number EVOA104 which doesn't go hard like tygon and will take the heat from the exhaust.

Regards Lee

Edited By Lee Damms on 26/10/2016 16:47:04

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