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Simon's Grumpy Tigercub

Simon Feather

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And me blush

Mine got stuck forming the second flap and when I found that I had made the nacelles so that I needed custom tanks or accept a very low capacity. Mine will run on 2 OS26 FS engines so probably I don't need much.

Because I live right next to a harbour and miles away from an airfield I have taken to building some boats. Also a flying boat to keep my hand in.

Very nice work Simon


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It's been a long time since last posting here... apologies for that.  I had just finished fettling the engines on my enlarged GTC, then the weather closed in.... then we had further lockdown... however now we have been let out again, I've managed to get the model back down to the field, completed my engine and ground running tests, and she flew earlier this week.


As a reminder, this is the Grumpy Tiger Cub, but enlarged to 70" wingspan with a pair of OS 52 Surpass on 12x6 props.  It's built straight with no right thrust offset.  I reduced the size of the original strip ailerons to around half, and added flaps.  


The maiden was fun!  As expected, I needed a boot full of right rudder to counter those two engines, feeding in more as I throttled up - so just like full size.  But it was a bit twitchy on the maiden as I had rather too much throw on the ailerons.  Second flight was much calmer after winding things down a bit, and I've now had about half a dozen flights with her.  Fantastic - there is a huge wing area so although it weighs about 10 1/2 lbs all up, it will fly really slowly.... and also quite fast!  Landings are a treat, it didn't need the flaps and I've not used them yet.  The sound is utterly awesome - cruising overhead it sounds just like a real full size plane.   The weather looks set to hold at least for the early part of next week so I'll try and get some flying shots.  


I'll fly it a bit more, then aim to finish it off - the fuselage needs recovering: I used HK film for the wings and empennage, but ran out so used some Easycoat for the fuselage, as it was a very close colour match and HK were out of stock of the pirate blue I'd used... but the Easycoat has wrinkled terribly and delaminated in many places, so it's going to have to be re-done; and I'll add a canopy and pilot, should then look a treat.  


Brilliant and great fun - thanks again Peter.





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Well, thanks to colleagues at the pitch I've managed to get a few shots of the GTC, so I've cobbled together bits from a couple of different videos.  Mix and match quality I'm afraid, but hopefully gives an impression.  That huge wing lets it fly very slowly, I didn't need the flaps.  Indeed when I tried them they had little noticeable effect.  It can fly quite fast too!




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