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Vamoose by Mike Freeman


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While keeping my lifelong interest in IC engines I am becoming more and more interested in electric. As much as anything it is because I know so little about the subject.

​Some planes shout electric to me and one I am thinking about is Mike Freeman's Vamoose . I have not yet built a V tail and the wing planform and rolled plywood engine mount / cowl really appeals.

​The datafile shows:
Wingspan 42.5"
​Target weight 26.5 oz
Wing loading 13.25 oz / sq ft

​The motor used was a Hyperion GS-3014-16 875 kv with a 40 amp ESC and turning an 11 x 7 prop.

​I am on a bit of an economy drive at the moment so it would be good to use what I already have, which is:
45 amp ESC
​A big selection of new electric props (came with job lots)
​A wattmeter (so far unused)

​I also have a Maytech motor MTO3536. This has a 5mm shaft and is 910 kv. What I don't have is a manual for this motor and a search on the web did not find this particular motor.

​It would be great if someone could let me know if the combination will work.

​Thanks in advance


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I am using a Turnigy 3536/9 910kv motor on 4S3000 lipo in an Avicraft Moronic weighing 4 pounds gives 511 watts on an 11x5.5 APC electric prop. uses 33 amps & a40amp ESC So far 1256 flights of about 6 minutes of full power so I think this is a proven motor setup!

Whether this is a similar motor to your MTO I don't know but the 11 x5.5 would be a starting point to try with the wattmeter. But you may not need 500 watts so maybe a much smaller prop would be better. Needs a folding prop for a Vamoose though unless you fit an u/c.

If the Vamoose weighs 2 pounds or so then consider the HobbyKing motor recommended here on the forum - less than 13 pounds with ESC !   Seems a bargain.......

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I've built Mike Freeman's TABOO which is more sports glider than the VAMOOSE but very similar in looks.

Mike recommended the Hyperion ZS-3014-14 motor with a 10 x 6 folding prop and 3s Lipo and Thunderpower Smartguide ESC.

I use the Turnigy Aerodrive D3536/8 1000kv, A Hobbyking Blue series ESC (I do use it as a warmliner and push it a bit on the climb, I've got the room and use a 60 amp). A 10 x 6 Aeronaut Cam folding Prop and 40mm spinner. Turnigy / Towerpro MG90S servos.

You may find that combination is acceptable although the D3536/9 is 910kv is a bit nearer for you.

I love the Taboo and I rarely leave it at home.

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Thanks Kc and Mastrcrashman

Here are a couple of photos



The diameter is 35mm and the length 36mm not including the shaft. That explains the designation but doesn't say anything about the power. Anyway it looks like it is going to be big enough.

​I think it look much better without undercarriage kc so I will take your advice on a folding prop.

​The Taboo is a great looking aircraft Mastercrashman. I think I have got the plan somewhere so it may well get on my build list.


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That motor has the shaft coming out of the end furthest from the backplate, while the Vamoose as built by the designer used a motor the other way round. It is sometimes possible to push the shaft through but I woulnd't do it in case there are no grooves for the circlip.

It makes a difference how you construct a cowl if you get a different type of motor..........and you did say you like the rolled ply cowl.

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I build in blue foam so I adapted the fuselage and built the motor bulkhead further back. I then used the cross motor mount conventionally and formed the tapered front end around the motor in foam.

OR the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3536- 1050kv with the shaft in the position you want for about £20 plus postage. I use this in a Blizzard and the performance is excellent. The kv, however, may be a little high for you.

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kc and MCM

​I have checked the motor and the shaft can be reversed. - Carefully!!
​Looks like I will be able to use it according to the plan. Just need to get some suitable servo. I have plenty of second hand standard servos but I don't seem to have settled into a pattern yet.

thanks both.


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