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Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch

dirk tinck

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Fascinating to follow and as for the time invested in just posting your progress let alone the skill and shear determination to see the project through a ???  hardly seems enough praise - REALLY looking forward to seeing it all reveled.

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As you all may have seen the current situation in our beautiful Ardennes , last week a massive flood due to heavy rain,wiped away big parts of several villages leaving nothing but a real warzone. Complete houses , bridges , roads ,campings , cars , caravans but the worst humans and animals all washed away by the washing water. 31 Victims , and counting ,65 people missing ,made me take a break in the rollercoaster we live in... Today we had a day of national mourning , tomorrow is the national holiday...

Me and my family are safe , but some friends lost everything in this horrible natural disaster. It makes me realize modelling is very unimportant in times like this. Think it over , it can happen to all of us !


Cheers , and stay safe , Dirk??

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Thanks Phil , we're fine , but it affects all of us here...


Back to the moulding...or in fact UNmoulding !

After bolting everything together and the overall trim and cleanup , it's time for the most fun part ! Open-up the coffin !









I started to unscrew the bolts for the small mould parts.(exhausts and hatch openings)

After some twisting and putting a sharp knife between the mould parts , i could hear the cracking of the seams !That's a beautiful sound !! Not much longer i had the first parts in my hand ! Curious to see the inside , with a serious heartbeat ,i turned them over only to see a perfect newborn !?No faults to detect !?










No black resin residue on the white plug !Proof of good release agent and waxing !








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After removing the nose hatch opening moulds , i couldn't wait to take off the front fuselage moulds.

The bigger the part the harder they come apart so i had to be very carefull not to break anything !! All the details like panel lines , dummy screws , and air vent holes doesn't make things easyer !

The first half is easy , you can put a wedge between the two halves...  no problem here !It came off easy !!





All the details came out perfect !just some plasticine to wipe off and pva to wash away






Sharp edges all arround


No moulding resin left on the plug !!

These very good results gave me courrage to complete this gorgeous model !!

I presented the hatch opening mould to the fuse mould to show the need of the inner edge...



These small moulds need more trimmingon the inside

This morning at breakfast outside , i needed the new moulds with me... I could look at this all day !




Have a nice day you all ! I know i will !!







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Hi again ,


Beautiful wether here in Be but i can't resist to open up the rest of the fuse mould !?

Unscrewed all of the remaining bolts and by sqeezing a scharp knife between the mould parts created a small gap , just enough to push paint mix sticks in. Once the first was in place , the rest is easy !Everytime i got one in , i could hear the cracking of the plug letting go off the mould ! A little twisting did the rest and free was the first quarter !







The three remaining quarters came of just as easy .

Time for some pics of the whole set for the fuse !









Glad the plug  survived ,always a plus for the future !

While i'll start cleaning the parts , enjoy !!



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Hi all ,


@ Murat ,

I will try to make some extra kits to get a part of my investments back but all depends on the time needed to make one , and the state of the moulds after a few extractions...


The first thing i did after demoulding the parts was fitting the thrust tube i made earlyer. It was very dificult to mesure the exact size of the exhaust diameter and full width.




As you can see , it fits perfect !! Thanks again 3D specialist Andy Meade for supplying the 3D plug!





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Yes , Alan , it's really coming together now!


After a lot of cleaning it's time to make some usable parts !


I'm starting with the small parts for practice.  To become strong but light parts i'm going to try the sandwich methode .(glass-foam-glass) it's new for me too so no guaraties !!


I prepaired the nose cone ,  motor hatch and nose hatch moulds , meaning  :waxed the contact areas and bolted them together , ready to wax the inside. The nose hatch is going to be made in two halfs because i can't reach both inside edges in one session.


Before the waxing i'm going to test my vacuum system i assembled. it's an old pump with e new electronic controller and four seperate vacuum lines , a lot to test !






I've got two weeks vacation coming now , hopefully my better half let's me make some progress !



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