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DB Major Mannock

Paul james 8

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The build and flying notes on the Giant are spot on. It doesn’t like do crosswind take offs or landings. The CG is correct. I’ve mixed a bit of rudder/throttle to counteract yaw on take off only. 

With the book CG landing is as per notes, into wind kept a smidge of power on and let it naturally sink. With a blip of throttle to stretch the glide. I’m still perfecting the technique!!

The engine cooling is still somewhat troublesome. The Evolution 33gx Show no stress or upset in the air, but MY is it hot on landing. Too hot to finger touch, compression remains good and starting is easy.

It didn’t pass the noise test limits at St Austell DMC so I will just fly it at Davidstow MFC. Even with the dual extended exhaust the pipes seemed to act a bit like  a tube on trombones. 


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I doubt the engine is that hot, even glow motors which run cooler are not finger touch after a run. Petrol engines run hotter hence the larger cooling fins found on them. Given you have no running or starting issues I would say it is fine.

Cheers. John.

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It’s been too long that my Mannock has had no fighting colours....so I remedied that.


Paint masks by Flightline Graphics, Guild fuel proof spray paints.


Just the wings to go




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Guild fuel proof spray paint cover well. The Matt going off quite quickly meaning a few coats can be done in an afternoon.

The white on the fus was brushed on. When drying this forms a “ rubbery” skin. It took 3 coats to get a decent colour without the dark green showing through. 

If brushing I tended not to paint too much over the mask. In the end the masking section came off as the third coat was drying. This prevented paint pulling off the fus, it broke better along the mask line as it was removed.

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