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Probuild Infinity.....help required

Bruce Collinson

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Hello All,

A couple of issues which I feel confident someone will be able to help with.

I bought a tidy ProBuild Infinity second hand and am putting all the hardware in without the destructions. It's the one built around a YS 120 I think. I am looking for information on:

  • throws
  • c of g
  • wingbolts; do they have to be steel; anyone changed the captive nuts and fitted nylon?

Next exercise; I crashed a DSM Excelsior which needs repairing from the t/e seating forward. Has anyone got a plan, decent profile photo, box lid, paper napkin with smudged sketch? It's a smaller version, I wasn't around when Dave Smith was retailing them but I know they were very common/popular. I think mine's a 55 .. ? and flew nicely on a Saito 72 (which was why I bought the plane, then found out it was a sweetie).

Thanks in anticipation


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Posted by Bruce Collinson on 21/12/2018 16:56:26:


Thanks. I'll end up guessing.

Cymaz, if I sent you a large SAE, would you consider putting a copy of the manual in for me? I have tried Pro Build twice but find them unresponsive. Also, i promise no more West Country jokes.


Bruce....I could scan and email it back to you. We can do wonders now we have just had running water and electricity installedlaughyes

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Running water? Raining, or what?

Bear with me, I don’t know the rules (only just got interweb here). Do I simply send you my email address? Or do you find it by some digital back door?

Thanks very much for the offer. Tanks just arrived for mine, need heat treatment to squeeze in below the undercart plate. What are you fitting, the 30% nitro Special? Keep us posted! Change from drones, anyway.


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From the gentlemen at Pro build...I am installing an Evoluiton 20gx

”Hi Jo and Peter

thank you for the interest in the infinity 90. we tested this model with a dle 20 and 20ra and works great but a dle 30 is a little large to fit into the cowl.

we would advise the dle 20ra

Best Regards

Andy Williams

Probuild Aircraft Ltd”


Edited By cymaz on 21/12/2018 18:06:32

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Posted by Bruce Collinson on 21/12/2018 14:51:26:

Thanks Denis.

One problem is that it's a one piece wing so if there is a tube it's not discernible. Otherwise I would have started about there as that seems to be a common denominator.

If your new F3A lad adds anything, I'll be grateful.


OK Bruce, a tiny bit of feedback, the F3A lad is looking for the instructions, the C of G was thickest part of the wing as is usual.

Before electric flying, at the Nationals, he flew 5 seasons using the YS, so, when he says the Infinity was a good flyer, easily set up, then this a good sign

I will report to you any further information that I receive Bruce

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  • 5 weeks later...

Where do I begin?

Too many distractions. My go-to Watt 4 needed surgery after a nasty gust tripped it up just before it was supposed to land and if anyone says I stalled it .... then a foam ARTF Explorer appeared, brilliant little F3A trainer with little wheels and spats, then I got an offer for the DLE 20 in my Yak so had to get hold of a Saito 125 to drop in, then faffed about removing the DLE, ignition etc, then had 4 good flights on Sunday ... etc.

At the plumbing stage with the Infinity. Still. Shotgun needs a deep clean. Rocket glaring at me shouting “build me!”. P 47 winking at me for the second Laser 100. Had to put my time management course back, again.

Probably, J Harmer’s will be airworthy well before mine and I can crib off him. It appears that nobody had the right manual for the actual plane but the earlier posts will be a very good starting point.

Still regretting stripping out the DSM Excelsior after I crashed it as it would be mendable if I could get a decent image of the front fuselage.

Then there’s the day job. What are you wrestling with?


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excl 004.jpgI am building an Excelsoir at present .From a kit

Much modified in as much as built up tail feathers , and the UC mounted on the fuz, and it did not come with a cowl Piped Rossi power.

Have enclosed a couple of photos ,but id you want "detailed info " drop a line ,


Peteexcl 003.jpg

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