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2019 Mass Build

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Question: I am trying to build the wings. Fortunately I noticed, like everyone else, that there was something wrong with the centreline so that has saved one disaster.

However, my question relates to washout. From the buildlog, I took it that you set the wings up for washout (with the 6mm spacer) only when you begin sheeting. I have build the wing half (in the middle of this at the moment) flat on the board. When I start to add sheeting then I think I am to pack up the trailing edge of the wing half first.

Am I correct?

Also, do I sheet the wing as a whole or in halves?

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Peter, I am no expert but now have a couple of experiences with this build

Firstly yes build flat or with the washout block (don't think it makes a massive difference.

Secondly yes use the washout packing block when to sheet the wing.

Now here is my problem! I couldn't see how you can sheet the wings individually and then join them + the instructions say sheet the underside first! Tried that and its rather complicated.

So I have joined the wings together and will sheet the top with packing blocks under the wing tips + additional washout blocks and do it all in one go. Once dry I'll turn it over and sheet the underside hopefully without the dihedral or washout changing too much

Wing tips, I left the LE protruding and glued supplied wing tip (Don't try to use the existing stringers as the only introduce twist...trust me!). Then cut triangular blocks (or square and sand down!). There are some better photos than mine in the other posts so take a look until I get to the workshop and take a couple photos later.


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General tip on wingtips

If you look at the plan where it shows the general view of rib construction side view. This shows a dotted line running from the trailing edge to the centre of the leading edge. This is the glue line for the tips. The pictures in the instructions also support this. Just add triangular supports from edge of tip to the spars (front and rear).

Hope this is helpful


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"the instructions say sheet the underside first!"

It's a flat bottom section, and the second piece of sheet will lock the wing together; with a flat bottom you can keep the wing warp-free very easily by holding it against the board whilst pressing the sheeting on, or pin or weight it all down (whatever's your poison). The converse is not true.

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Hi, apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I have finally got round to starting my ‘2019’ mass build and have immediately run into problems!

I have never built from a plan before and I am really struggling with the tailplane - I know others have described the build process but I really do not understand how the rudder and elevators are built up. I am guessing the the leading edge and horizontal strips are all from stock and need to be cut but I cannot see how to attach the leading edge to the core. Should this be done before or after the horizontal strips are in place and sanded to profile? How do I ensure that the horizontal strips are placed correctly on the core as the core will cover the plan when pinned down?

I know these probably seem like quite daft questions but I could really do with some help from those with a bit more experience! bf6d54c5-e0b8-474e-a1cf-e0cb4dd41ca2.jpeg

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First of all there is a build thread here which describes the tail but I cannot follow it either!

There are 4basic methods for balsa tail parts

1 solid sheet - fine if you can get some lightweight balsa and my preferred method usually

2 built up from strip

3 a thin sheet to the outline with strips glued on BOTH sides.  

4  a balsa framework skinned on both sides with thin sheet

The rudder section of your plan seems to show its method 3. Once glued the strips are sometimes sanded to section as shown.

Note the thin ply reinforcement shown in the original thread.



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A method for marking out is to put pencil lines on the plan to extend the location of parts that would be hidden. Then you can see the position once the plan is covered by the balsa part!

The old tricks are often the best ones and so simple!

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Anyone building from plans for the first time migh benefit from looking at all the tricks of the trade shown in the excellent drawings in Peter Hollands book 'Model Aeroplane Building Sketch by Sketch ' now out of print but sometimes available on Amazon secondhand. But now it's online to download free from Outerzone books section - lots of other good stuff too.

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Thanks for the tips KC, particularly the pencil line extension trick. I have only done the first two methods of tailplane construction that you mentioned so yes, this has definitely flumoxed me a bit.
So I guess that is my horizontal strips on the core, just sand down and then fit the leading edge? ( I say ‘just’, that sanding will take me forever but all part of the fun I guess). Thanks for the advice, Rob

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The strips are not wide and should sand easily.

I like to use a Permagrit block to sand balsa rather than glasspaper. Cuts quickly and the 'dust' seem much thicker and doesn't spread so far as you only need a few strokes to remove a lot of wood. Permagrit seems expensive but lasts forever and you really only need the 140mm Wedge block for almost everything.

Actually where the Permagrit block comes into it's own is sanding 6mm ply etc as it removes a lot with little effort and that gives an accurate former etc.

The other essential tool is a razor plane - not sure if I would use it on the rudder but I might if there is a lot of wood to remove on a solid tailplane part etc.   SLEC used to sell razor planes while some people favour the David plane.

Note I amended my previous post to show a fourth method.


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