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Prohibited lone flying for beginners?

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We have a reccomendation but not a rule that no one can fly solo - beginner or experienced from a safety point of view. 

But then we are flying models on one of the busiest live full size airfield's in the country - Sleap in Shropshire.

It has its compensations though - aerobatic Pitts Specials and Slingsby Firefly, Bucker Jungmann and Jungmeister, Avro Anson and two WW2 Yak fighters, a taxi rated Jet Provost and all manner of light general aviation aircraft.  Always something to watch while you have a coffee between flights.

No beginner can fly without supervision till they pass the A cert.

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Both of my clubs require an 'A' cert to fly solo/alone. I don't think it's unreasonable given that an errant model could finish up on a nearby busy main road at one site, and the other site has a few nearby neighbours that we have good relations with and don't want to upset by having a 'plane come down on their property. Nothing to absolutely guarantee that even an experienced flyer might get it wrong or have a failure, but the likelyhood of a beginner getting disorientated and 'losing it' is far greater and hence having an experienced pair of eyes and hands close by will usually be able to stop a model getting too far away or whatever with a gentle reminder.

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