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Where to fly

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1 hour ago, Anthony Scott 2 said:

I will be spending the week beginning 18/6/22 near Ledbury.  I would be grateful for any information regarding slope soaring in the area.

You can fly on the Malvern hills without membership but there are restrictions as to exactly where. Best bet is to contact the MSA who I'm sure will be glad to help/advise: https://malvernsoaringassociation.bmfa.club/

Alternatively some of the members of Newent club fly at Garway hill, again no membership needed, Frank Skilbeck will probably see this at some point : https://malvernsoaringassociation.bmfa.club/


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Not just members of the Newent club, but yep Garway works well in South Westerly to North Westerly, PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you a map. 


It's also the Milson Aerotow on 17/18/19th June, just north of Tenbury Wells, well worth a visit and if you glider has a tow hitch come along for a go to, but be warned it's quite addictive.


Here's a short video of a friends Granau Baby maiden (lots of adverse yaw) on Garway recently 


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FWIW, I had an email back from my local council confirming that there are no byelaws prohibiting flying an RC model on council owned beaches. Common sense applies of course and its worth checking with your local authority, but certainly an avenue I will be exploring out of season when a lot of the beaches around here are pretty deserted. 


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I used to fly from a beach and it was wonderfully.


Our local council bye laws did not mention RC planes, but did mention the use of radio equipment, probably meaning loud music boom boxes and alike...


No one questioned me about my RC activities on the beach at the time.


I live in a different part of the county now and have enquired as to bye laws. The reply was why/what do you want to know rather than where I could see a copy of the local bye laws...


Bye laws should be available for viewing at the public library...


Gwynedd, north Wales.

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