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Sig Wonder / FT BL Wonder / Wonder XXS / Fun Bat

Stephen Jones

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 The Sig Wonder has been so popular that many have not only built it flown it and liked it that it has been copied renamed re purposed, foam builds, eclectic, Ic, Large, small.

You name it they someone has probably done it.


So I decided to do a Foam build of one as I wanted something that was small and easy to fly on our small club field.


So I downloaded a plan of the Fun Bat as this is a simple Depron build made from flat sheet using a Kline–Fogleman airfoil also known as the KFM aerofoil. 

Simply one flat sheet stacked above another to create a step along the length of the wing which in turn creates a air pocket on top of the wing which in turn creates a virtual aerofoil.



So here it is....

It only calls for two 9 gram servos a motor of 120 watts or above and a 1300mAh 3s Lipo,

My Set-up I used two standard 9 gram servos a 30 Amp Esc as that was the only one I had to hand a 20 Amp would do.

A four channel Receiver and a 28xx/ xxxx Motor driving a 8x4 Prop and a power test shows that mine was only pulling about 118 watt.

A 3s 1300mAh 25c Lipo Battery

And my total All Up Weight  360g.



And here is a Video of me flying it, It really does fly well for a simple build a fun take anywhere and have Fun model.


Why not google Sig Wonder and see just how many their are or why not Download a plan and have a go for yourself.

Even Flight Test have done their own version for you to download.

Or maybe you would prefer a proper build as you can still buy the Sig Wonder as a kit.









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1 hour ago, GrumpyGnome said:

That's really nice. Is it sheets of depron?

 Hi, I made mine from a Polystyrene Insulation board that I bought from B&Q it is not as hard or stiff as Depron but useable it is available in three different thickness 3,6,9mm

Just right for us modellers. 


The brand name is Diall and here is a link to the diy.com site 


Indoor flying season is here so let's see what you guys come up with.




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That looks good too - I may have a go at something like that. 


I have a Banggood special indoor flyer which, as you say, just flies round and round (with the odd evasive manoeuvre to avoid the bigger stuff! (I also have a small Sakura, but need to have a dead calm day to trim it outside as I think if I try indoors, there will soon be depron confetti.....)

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Yes indoor flying can be hazardous, You need to be computant at flying or have a large area to yourself or plenty on money to keep buying new models.


Or be a cheapskate like me and find a way to build cheap so you can rebuild when they get broken then it can be rewarding as you get to fly something that you have built yourself and that no one else has,which also makes it easy to spot which model is yours that's flying among the others. 



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