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Capt Kremen

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Just, (eventually), enjoyed a good traditional cooked Sunday breakfast.

First had to break into the bacon pack. Yes, it had one of those little 'helpful' tabs on the plastic packet. If they don't snap off without opening the pack, then 'senior' hands and fingers, some no doubt arthritic etc. don't stand a chance. So cut open with scissors eventually. On to a pack of Bury Black Pudding, same issue as the bacon. I sense a pattern developing. OK, let's try a (helpful?) ring pull tin of plum tomatoes. The ring pull came off as I attempted to lift it .... Argh!!!! Good old tin-opener to the rescue. Eggs, in their natural packaging, at last something that opens easily!

As for earlier ablutions in the bathroom, a new razor blade, have you easily and without nearly cutting yourself before shaving, opened a sealed bubble pack of razor blades(?)!!!!

We are an advanced civilization, allegedly, and yet the packaging industry is trying it's hardest to keep us from our goods. Argh!!!!!!!

Oh and model goods are not exempt, the hard plastic packaging containing metal back-plate Spinners for example. I'm sure there are many more AND they are all wrapped in plastic when we are all encouraged to avoid contributing further to.

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Spektrum receivers are a particular bug bear packaging wise, I've got a drawer full of those plastic packets, but the various budget tool packages - clamps, files, multi-packs of screwdrivers etc have acres of hard plastic packaging and need a Stanley knife or very robust pair of scissors to get in there. I do cut them up to make suitable shallow receptacles for mixing epoxy in and I salvage the flat bits for glazing, but there's a tremendous amount of waste there.

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